Topic: Limits & abilities?

Okay, I am new to this game engine, and it seems like a pretty good engine to start off with, but there are a few things that I want to know about. I have a few questions provided:

1. Does this engine allow the free use of making commercial games?

2. If not, how would I go about getting permissions/licenses to do so..?

3. Is there any future plans for more efficient level designing, such as loading .rtw format (Runtime World Level Format), or any other game scene format?

4. Does everyone have permissions to have their own commercial copy of game engine software, to make company-personal owned game engine copies, modifications and etc?

5. Is there any game sharing limits..?

6. Since I cannot find any copyright on any page I've viewed yet, does this mean there isn't a copyright overall?

Re: Limits & abilities?

The licenses are listed in the about/license link from the main page. 

The tl:dr is yes, its free to use for commercial games (when distributing binary code produced by the editor or created with the SDK).  The editor itself has a copy left license though, so if you distribute that you need to share the source.