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Thought I would share I've uploaded to OGA thought I would do the same here ? ill just link maybe some one can add the files here ( ps I have more also at OGA )

  BTW it would be cool if there where an asset section

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Hey Anthony44!

Nice models you made there smile

Currently there is only a section in the wiki with some assets you can use:

I already thought about creating some asset sharing service on my own server but I think there is not much request for it.
Maybe this has changed since I thought about it, who knows.


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Welcome smile Those are awesome models, thanks for posting!
For assets as Sponk said, we have no library except the wiki

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Thanks sponk , Vegas I joined awile back never posted anything but I always come back to the site (that says somthing about maratis) finally thought I would post and say somthing. (I looked at the wiki asset site didnt know if could up load there ) its ok Link at OGAs got some great stuff over there as well. Also music sound effects 2d art GUIs ect. All free (and alot of game progrmers looking for assets)
       (hope to post my project soon just keep getting side tracked )
                              BTW great work on marantis but you probably here that a lot
  Ps.   would love to try it on a polycount newb challenge (I think it would shock everyone to think out of the box and not to use a commercial. Engine like unreal or unity lol ) especially. If I can get the lighting right (so is there any good lighting tuts here?)

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I have made some very basic examples here but i doubt it is what you're looking for,
if you need something specific i can try to make it, but just keep in mind that for now, there is no global lighting