Topic: Trigger a Door Opening

Dear Maratis enthusiasts,

I have created a door in a wall separating to another room.  It has two entities: 1.  the room/wall, and 2. a door. 

The door has been created to pivot on the end, like any normal door.

Problem:  How should the door open??  I thought it might be best to use a trigger (box)?, like the earlier trigger sound experiment. … R.jpg?dl=0

Other suggestions are welcome.

I herein enclose a link to the 7z experimental Project file: … OR.7z?dl=0

Play around and do share your ideas.

many kind thanks for time.

Re: Trigger a Door Opening

Yes, this can be done with triggers. Here is my example:
video    -
project  -

Re: Trigger a Door Opening

Wow antOn,   this is fantastic!!!!!   I really appreciate your efforts and learning heaps!!!  I particularly enjoyed the Youtube video!  Your brilliant!!

I have made another couple to test you!  :-)   I hope you find them challengingl, but enjoyable!

Posting them soon...

Many kind thanks!