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Okay, It gets tedious breaking up an animation into groups of frames. Think I should just export one animation and control which part plays with code?

There are some much needed functions for animation in the Lua API, so I will have to make my own.

Things like:

Looping a group of frames
Blending animations (for transitions)

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I'm doing this in my 2d games projects, it's amazing because you have total control of every single frames with no need to re-export from blender everytime. and it seems very reliable. But yes you need alot more scripts than if you were just exporting animations.

Note i'm doing this because i'm animating spritesheets so i can't use the blender NLA editor for this.
but for 3d skeletal animations you can use it so i'm not sure it's a good idea to go without animations. but i dont know. honestly i never tried to go single animation with 3D stuff. I can just say it is working great for animating UVoffsets.

By the way setting-up animations is tedious indeed, eventually you can use this script to semi-automate the process. Edit it, set your frames then simply run it from blender. Hope it helps

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Hmm, I guess I am not going to be able to do that lumadare thing. I am just getting back to Maratis myself. I have been learning python elsewhere. I just now posted a small edit to the Sponza level to help with 1st person camera movement.

I am thinking about re-doing the Maratis Starter pack to re-organize the scripts.

I will have a main.lua file that includes other lua files for specific tasks such as animation:

Something like:





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Tutorial Doctor wrote:

Hmm, I guess I am not going to be able to do that lumadare thing.

Ah too bad. but you know apparently graphics is only 1 over the 8 ratings

- Overall
- Innovation
- Coolness
- Fun
- Theme
- Humor
- Mood
- Graphics

So it might not be dramatic if you can't get perfect animations wink

But yeah good idea for the starter pack, i think there was way too much stuff in the first pack, better focus on movement & camera placement before anything else.