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Hallo, I want to make a game with maratis, but i don't know the programm  very well and I have some problems. I download ready models from blendswap for blender an when I export them for maratis the models don't have colours. I add light but they are still black. Can anyone help?

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did you follow the doc about the exporter or that is a normals problem?

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Your problem sounds like a texture issue. Did you unpack the textures from the .blend file before exporting?
You should save them to "<project>/maps" and you need to tell Blender that they are there.

Saving can be done using the "Image > Save as Image" option in the Blender UV/Image editor view.
Hope this helps big_smile

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How can I tell Blender that the textures are there?

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You have to follow the exporter doc.

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SMALERS: If you use this menu to save the images Blender will automatically change all internal paths to match the exported texture.