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So here is a finished project I've been working on. I had a lot of problems with exporting it and it ran a lot better in the engine than after export. It is behaving differently on different computers ( sometime missing textures, loading levels very slowly, or not running at all) and it is doing this thing i couldn't figure out how to fix where it would think that terrain objects were larger than they actually were and would allow you to stand on them even if you were too far away from them and you would just float. So, if anyone knows how to fix any of these problems or has any other feedback, let me know!

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Downloaded it, but it is an exe and I am on a mac. Gonna compile a version for mac?

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Some problems on my side also :

over 4 attemps to launch the game,
i had 3 times

Runtime Error !
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact support.. blabla

And one time the game launched, but after a few seconds the game almost froze (FPS dramatically drops, like when you try to spawn many many objects at once in maratis) and i wasn't able to move, but the music was still playing normally

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Well, i don't know. I really just don't know what to do. I've put hundreds of hours into this but in the end it doesn't matter because maratis is a shitty engine with a shitty exporter and thus my game will never be able to be played outside of the engine. I give up. I've tried everything to get this to work. If anyone has any idea of what to do with this, thanks. otherwise i'm moving on to try another engine that might actually work. And i'm sorry Anael, i'm sure you've put a lot of time into this but right now i'm just so frustrated you have no idea.

And Tutorial Doctor, i don't know how to do that and it probably wouldn't even work since it can't even run on windows.

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Well, I can run it on my PC. I can't get past the little mounds with the chains. Just too hard to jump.

It does have a little lag.

Would you mind uploading the project file? That way we can help more. I will be more than happy to help you.

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Whew! 3GBs. If I get it downloaded, I will look it over. Before I run it however, I am guessing that you have a lot of polys, which would slow down the frame rate, and result in bad collision issues. 3 gigabytes is very large for such a game as this.

If you would like any tips on my workflow (which I am still working out) I would love to help. I will be uploading a demo level soon.

I currently use Google Sketchup, Blender, and Maratis.

Edit: Well, this definitely is a full (and seriously programmed) game! hehe.

As far as the code goes, I think an object oriented approach would have made debugging much easier. I had started working on a starter library for Maratis, but went away to learn Python. Moving back towards games now, so I will be on here a bit more.

My approach at the whole thing would have been much, much more simplistic (it sorta looks like spaghetti).

The scripts don't describe what they do, and comments like "random collision stuff" doesn't help to describe. So whether another person is working on this or not with you, it will be more frustrating for you to debug it.

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We apologize for the uncommented code, as we didn't really intend for anyone else to read it too thoroughly. It was intended to be efficient (although, towards the end, it starts to diverse with a bit of redundancies--we were forced to leave them due to deadlines), as the programmer has been using Lua for well over 6 years.
In Lua, procedural code is much more efficient as OOP isn't inherent to Lua. There are a few attempts at using object-based code, albeit. The code would just occupy more file space by implementing objects; not sure if it would have helped with error debugging. Probably.
I do not think the issue with exporting is within the code, but I do think that it can cause a bit of lag. There are for loops that iterate over all objects with a certain name and values that are ran over and over again rather than storing them in a variable. I can try to fix the redundancies, but I think the problem, as you capitalized, is the number of polygons

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Here is that small project I just did: …

Right now I am using a box collision for the monkey, but the convex-hull bounding creates lag.

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Can you separate the archive in 1gb of files, that would be helpful.