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I ask  for your help what is the right way making and  exporting animated model from Blender for Maratis3d.
So my way:
1. I Made a model
2. I Added materials and texture
3. IAdded armature
4. I Attached armature to the model (Control -P "Automatic weight...")
5. I changed to Posing view and I made animation.

So far the animation works in blender, but when I exported it, the Maratis imported the bones and the models ( Mesh directory contains .maa, and .mesh files), but model isn't animating.

What am I doing wrong?


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did you add an animation and it's frame-range here :

doc :

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Thanks for the quick response!

I didn't added animation (Maratis Anims slot is empty), but I don't know, how can I add it?

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click on "+"
set "start" frame and "end" frame

do that multiple times if your mesh is composed of multiple animations (need to be on the same timeline, one after each other)

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But I have not + option. Sorry for the poor quality attached picture, I will attach another one. I use Blender 2.63, under Linux. Is this possible,that plugin not works properly Blender 2.63?
Plugin name is: maratis_exporter_blender266(v2).

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did you do that :
(see doc)

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Yes, I did:

I tried many ways to prepare animation in Blender, but I gave up in the absence of success.

I also thought that the python version is not appropriate in my system or something else not work well...
(I try to install milkshape3d addon for Blender, without succes.)

But the good news is, my problem is solved.

I tried Milkshape3d and i realized that Maratis can play Ms3d animations (Ms3d native file format) without problem, and it also can play direct x file format.(a bit faster, than i made)
I also tried different other formats which MilksS. offer, but unfortunately the others did not work for me..

So, thanks again for your help,