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The rewriting of Maratis editor for the future version 4x is starting to take a concrete shape,
so I feel more confident to share news about it :

- There is now a github repository for Maratis-4 :
It's highly experimental and the structure of the code was reviewed.

- The build system is based on CMake instead of Scons

- System context and inputs are handled by GLFW :
(+ a SDL2 backend from Jurgel)

- All editor code base was rewritten to be modular and easier to maintain and extend, and is using MGui-2.
- There is Support for multiple windows, preferences for themes and shortcuts.
- Object picking and transformation was also rewritten and is now functional.

- MGui-2 text now supports UTF8 and fonts.
- Maratis engine is already functional, with some additions (per-entity material support, faster math code...).

- And there is preliminary support for syntax highlighting in lua (for in-editor script editing) :

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Nice job!!! I am looking forward to use the future release version smile
Sorry for my bad english :s

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I've been looking to using the Godot game engine, but I still peak at Maratis from time to time. It is much easier to use. I'll be looking out for the update!

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Do you want me to merge some code? What kind of features do you want?

Just noticed built-in script editor, cool.

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jurgel >
the SDL backend would be cool, we can add an OPTION to the CMake build to handle the different includes to choose between SDL  and GLFW (I can help with that).

Android support would also be a must !
A discussion started on github :

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Optional SDL2 backend is there on github : … Common/GUI
Thanks Jurgel !

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Your welcome, glad to help.
Want to develop android build?

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Update :

Maratis is now using a correct linear color space by default, gamma correction was not handled before. The good news is that all lightning will be now correct. The bad news is that previous Maratis projects will appear brighter because gamma correction was missing (I might add an option to disable gamma correction for compatibility with older projects).

8 bit textures are considered to be in sRGB space, and 16bit and 32bit textures (hdr) are considered to be in linear space.

Jurgel > yes, do you have some insight about that ? I don't have an Android device to test it.

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Yes, I have test android build, but it's not done yet, mainly in the file access I think.
I don't know how to embed and access file in Android from Android NDK.