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Hello all! I've been lurking around here for a while now, although just now creating an account to post, and decided I should consult a mass of people who have a general idea of what they're doing. I'd dabbled with LUA before in some other programs, and suddenly find myself kinda at a standstill. I'm am looking for advice on how to create space environments within Maratis, is it possible to create expansive planes for objects to travel within? Still learning this program and love 3D modeling, though many models I create are generally low poly, sci-fi vehicles are my specialty, and I am just searching for a way to implement them.

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Hi, welcome to the forum,
it's good to see new members interested in Maratis.

What are "expansive planes" ?

About space environment, an interesting approach is to use procedural (perlin noise, maths...) to generate stars / constellations / planets. It can be controlled and mixed with 3d meshes. Or even using using shaders like this on shadertoy : (for inspiration, this shader would need to be adapted to work with maratis).

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Thank you! I'll look into that shader, might make things easier >.<
Anyway, what I mean by expansive planes, they would be large stretches of space in which one would be traveling, think No Man's Sky ( or Elite Dangerous ( those massive expanses of space that they travel in, I'm trying to figure our how to handle creating and using that.
[EDIT]: Also, thank you for showing me that shader, it's awesome. I have very minimal experience with shaders though, could you point me in the proper direction of a tutorial that would teach me how to add shaders to Maratis?

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Shaders in Maratis are in GLSL (like shadertoy), you can download an example here :

It's standard GLSL so you can find a lot of ressources over the Internet, the difference with other engines only beeing variables names specific to Maratis.

I understand about the space, you definitively have to handle some sort of procedural generation (look at Perlin noise and random). Not necessarily for modeling, but for object placement in space.

For example, create multiple models of asteroids, and clone then in random position around a cluster to create an asteroid cluster, etc...

If the space is very large, you might also need a way to reduce the complexity of the scene when objects are far away.

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Than you for your advice, I'll look into it tomorrow. Have a good day!