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Some problems on my side also :

over 4 attemps to launch the game,
i had 3 times

Runtime Error !
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact support.. blabla

And one time the game launched, but after a few seconds the game almost froze (FPS dramatically drops, like when you try to spawn many many objects at once in maratis) and i wasn't able to move, but the music was still playing normally


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Fine thanks ! just finished a 4 months pre-forming module,
now i'm going to hibernate for a week before starting something else wink


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Hey TD, the scripts Anael & i posted are both valid, i assume Almighty Laxz problem was somewhere else
Here's a project with both scripts (you must un-comment one of the method first) :
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/199 … ndtest.rar


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Hehe well done Anael ! cute & creepy as they say, with smooth, direct gameplay, very nice wink

here i attempted to participate in the jam session but my ideas got busted by some limitation and a certain lack of artistic talent.. but.. but.. i'm gonna shine on the next one !


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Yeah it seems some links are messed up,
meanwhile you can check this page : http://wiki.maratis3d.org/index.php?tit … nal_Assets
I know there are many at :
- Nobiax Models
- Reiner Tilesets (under 3d model tab)
- Loopix Project


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My bad sorry, i thought it was already compiled hmm

Jillinger3dee wrote:

I had successfully followed the steps here http://wiki.maratis3d.org/index.php?tit … or_Windows
The thing is, I did not know what steps to take next, or how to run the program using this method.

On my side, after running scons.py, the editor is located here :

Hope it help, unfortunately i know nearly nothing about compiling,
so if there's still a problem you better wait for anael advice


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Hello ! You should try the win64 version that ulbex compiled (link is in his signature)
over here : http://forum.maratis3d.com/viewtopic.ph … 34&p=6

Tested it, fantastic plugin ! Thanks for the links !


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some tests for the win32 version :

Set parent to 0 = Ok

Performance = Very big improvement on the loading time, on previous versions i had to wait about 15secs (sometimes even more) for maratis to load, now it is about 4sec and in some cases, it instant-load. thumbs up !

Light Color tweaking = Ok
Text Color tweaking = Ok

Gravity  :
Tweaking the gravity in the editor = Ok
Tweaking the object mass in the editor : doesn't change anything, the object always fall at the same speed in game

My mistake, the space issue is back hmm

For files types, as there's not much files types to be used,
maybe allow some, and display a message when it's not one of those :

maratis : MESH, LEVEL, MPROJ
text : OTF, TTF
sound : OGG, WAV, AIFF
+ those supported by assimp ?

Noticed another bug, i tried a project who got key inputs in a object oriented script,
sometimes i have to press the key more than 10 times to trigger my action,
i'm gonna do some more test before sending you the file

Great, both issues are fixed smile and thanks for the new input.
just one weird thing : it imports a sound object when i drag&drop a font (.otf) file

Two bad news sad
- For the space issue, i'm getting stuck at profiler window in all projects now (even those with no space)
- For Drag & Drop, i see the little "+" next to the cursor when i'm dragging an object (mesh, sound or font) over the editor window, but nothing happen when releasing

Oh and about inputs : is it possible to make a mix-up of WASD/ZQSD view movement + maratis view (middle mouse rotation) ? this would be the perfect combo imo

Warp : this is way better than before, it works good on middle-sized object, but for small size object the view comes a bit too close for me (but overall it's fine smile)

Maratis inputs : the view is also rotating on the Y axis when you hold middle mouse button, making it quite impossible to navigate correctly, you should lock it

And unfortunately, the cmd window is still there sad but no need to kill yourself removing it now, as it's not showing during the editing process, it's just a minor annoyance


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I'm very interested in that stuff too, a while back Anael told me this program is ok to make shaders :

http://developer.amd.com/tools-and-sdks … toolsuite/

There is also these two who can be adapted :

GLSL ShaderGen 3.0
http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia … rGen.shtml


GLSL Demo (this one have a big list of ready to use shaders)

But without a doc, it's unusable (no idea what part of code must be replaced to use them in maratis)

Vegas: About your project issue: Just press "Project->Update Player" when this happens.

I'm not that dumb tongue but i have found the problem, it was : spaces! the project won't work if there's a space in the name of the current or even previous folders.
it seems to be the case for textures paths too (not 100% sure, but i don't see what else it could be).
beside that, it works ! wink

Ah that's right, i completely forgot about the bit rate of the sounds hmm

For the problem of Neo being unable to play standard maratis projects,
i tried with more projects, none is working, so any example will do.
let's take this one :

Note, I tried both the installer and the zip version, same results

I'm still trying to figure out what's going on

Hehe thanks wink looking forward for the next build !

Also, one more big problem here :
while the projects made with Neo are working fine, i'm unable to run projects made with the vanilla version of maratis (tried about 7 differents projects) - the weird thing is, even when getting rid of almost everything in the scene except a few boxes, and no scripts attached, it still doesn't run.
Everything is fine in the editor but then on launching, the famous "nameless" tongue window pops up, with nothing inside, and that's all.

About the Tree list :
- suggestion : Ability to select multiples objects from the tree list
And, how do you manage "Groups" ?

About the warp :
I think it would better to keep some distance with the object, like with maratis "F" key, or Blender "dot",  be wrapped  inside the object doesn't really helps wink
And there is a small problem : once you warp  then navigate without re-clicking on the 3d scene, when you move your mouse again, it reset the view at the center of the object, until you click again.

Right, thanks for the infos wink

By the way i'm always using the latest daily development build, i re-downloaded it right now just in case,
The invisible + crash sound bug is still there, aswel as the cmd window popping up
Anyway, here's the sound file : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/199 … ndtest.wav

And this prefab system is awesome !

Thanks for the navigation input & Cam preview wink

some more issues :

- Sounds : I can't see the sound files (.wav in this case) in the explorer when i click
on "add sound", even if *.wav and *.ogg are available in the filetype field.
I have to set it to "All files" to see the sound, but then the editor is crashing when i'm trying to load the sound

- Particles :  they seems to be "bursting" like 4 or 5 times before looping seamlessly,
also it seems i cant play particles slowly regardless of the settings, they are always moving at very high speed
(was trying to make something similar to this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taHM2uEw9_c )

- User Experience : Imo there are too much windows poping up when launching the game :

1) The Game window (obviously) tongue
2) A empty black cmd window (?)
3) A nameless window with frames/frametime statistics but seems it's updating only when i'm closing
the game window so i can't make use of the print() command
(if i'm trying to select the window while the game is running, it will stop responding)

Is it possible to get rid of the black cmd window, and incorporate the statistics window in the game window,
as a console maybe ?

And question, what is the load prefab (load .md files) under the plugin tab ?

Sponk wrote:

Vegas: What keys do you use instead of WASD? I need the info for the input plugin

The difference is that Q is swapped with A and W is swapped with Z
so my binds instead of WASD should be ZQSD
Azerty keyboard picture : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ … France.svg

Splendid ! thank you wink

Hey sponk, great job ! some additional notes here :


Navigation : It doesn't save the translate value (navigation) on re-opening

Navigation : while i love the WASD navigation method, it's not working for azerty keyboards. im currently using my joystick along with xpadder to navigate but its .. well.. not so convenient tongue


Lights : Spot.
The checkbox of the spot, got reset when clicking in the 3d space then clicking on the light once again.
To activate spot, you must currently click on spot checkbox then tweak the spot angle. otherwise it is not working

You can't see camera preview. this one is a very, very big problem to me.


Minor and personnal taste here, is it possible to get full white input boxes, like the screens on your site ? on windows they are all grey to white gradients, that doesnt looks very good.


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Not good. the theme (Connected Worlds) is possibly one of the worst that could come up.
given the time limit, i dont find anything useful to do with this.
if i dont find a solution soon i'll have to ragequit.


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Tutorial Doctor wrote:

Hmm, I guess I am not going to be able to do that lumadare thing.

Ah too bad. but you know apparently graphics is only 1 over the 8 ratings

- Overall
- Innovation
- Coolness
- Fun
- Theme
- Humor
- Mood
- Graphics

So it might not be dramatic if you can't get perfect animations wink

But yeah good idea for the starter pack, i think there was way too much stuff in the first pack, better focus on movement & camera placement before anything else.

Hehe that's working great !
Texture assigning works perfect also wink
There's just a crash when you try to change the ParticleNumber a second time
And it's fine here on exit, no crashes over 5 tries wink