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Stereo, 16-bit, 44100 Hz. 15 seconds long.

All the tests on Mac OSX were made with the playSound function. The Linux tests were not, wich explains what happened when testing on Linux. I thought there was a script calling the playSound function in WaterGameDemo too. So I just changed the wav there for the ogg. But I just saw it has no script in the scene in the water demo. Now I know we can play sound by just getting a looping sound in the scene.

When I play .ogg files with Maratis-3.02b-OSX on Mac OSX 10.6.8. I get no sound. I can play a wav or aiff in the same play-test, and it sounds OK. I get no errors (or at least I don't see them), and I can play ogg in any other media player.

When I try ogg on Linux, Maratis-3.02cBeta-Linux_x86-32 plays the ogg only when "loop" is checked. Is the need to check "loop" intended or a bug?

Well, the thing is that Maratis is not playing ogg on Mac OSX, how could I solve this?

Thanks, keep doing awesome.


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Does Maratis support inverse kinematics?