First i want to say i love the shadows in maratis. Sharp at the object and soft in the distance. Perfect for dark small rooms with only a few light sources.

But my graphics card becomes a little vulcano. Its a gtx275, maratis runs good on it and after 20 minutes in the editor the card is up at 85°C. I tried to reach this temperature with cycles/cuda or other game engines. It gets hot there to, but not that much.

Whats so special with the shadows?


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Hi, i tested a small room with textures from evil lair: … ;Itemid=43
Its the last one, named eX.

The texture normals on the floor are inverted, on the wall not. Maybe theres something with the normal map, or i have forgotten to check the normal map option in blenders texture settings. Is the normal mapping in a standard material world space when this box is unchecked?

Hi. The exporter script is working fine, however normal mapping is not showing up with the generated entitys. I am using blender 2.62, the script is 2.57.

EDIT: it works now, but the normap map is inverted.