Topic: Windows Mesh Export Issue.

So, I found out that this issue is with Windows.

If I select several objects in blender, on Windows (with their various materials and such) and export them as a Maratis mesh, I always get a big error dialog. I figured it had something to do with the origin of the different entities being in different locations? So I had to export each object one by one.

However, on a Mac, when I do this, all of the objects get exported as one object, and the materials and textures are kept in tact. No error message.

So it is some issue with Windows, and not with the Mac?

I think I posted on a similar issue a while ago, but I have just been using the workaround (which wastes so much unnecessary time) .


Re: Windows Mesh Export Issue.

1: My tests shows that the object must be on the center(0,0,0) before export or Maratis exporter will move the pivot to 0,0,0 in the Maratis Editor. That should be fixed.
2: When exporting different objects ( selecting all of them), Maratis exporter should have a check[join all meshes], if not export as separated ones.
So objects with different materials(selected) are exported join together on Win7.

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