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The best, of course :
And how to export Maratis mesh :

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Hello, very interested by the project, I start to test the exporter.
No problem for objects and textures but I can not export my animated objects.

Can you post a little tutorial export animation?
Can we use the NLA or not?


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Hi, thanks to test it,

I never tested with NLA, I don't now if it works, normally it should,
but for your problem, it's maybe because you are animating objects directly.

There is no support for object animation in the current python script, you need to have an Armature, if you want to animate one object, just create an armature with one root bone.

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it's really cool!
thank you again

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Hi, greate work.

did you already think use Blender serializer from gamekit  instead of implement a new exporter?

Serializer allow bring large complex scenes to Maratis editor for aditional customization or load direct on player.


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ho yes, it's a very cool project, it can be a good additional way to link with blender, the approach is different but interesting.