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Here's some projects i was experimenting , unfortunately recently i lost ~200Go of various data, including most of maratis projects (tip of the day: never thrust backup programs that uses a proprietary format)
So i have only a few things left to show.

Also from now on, i dropped 3D stuff and went to 2D.
It might be foolish to use a 3D engine for 2D games but it works, so.. it's ok. More info about this a bit later

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Re: Test projects

very nice work ! smile

Re: Test projects

Great! If you need some help, tell us.

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Very impressive.
I am always ready to give you my hands.


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Waw, that's amazing !
I'm very happy to see that, it looks very promising.
I'm looking forward to see this evolving, tell me is you need something.

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Thanks all for your comments wink

For now i prefer not asking for help, cause i'm learning alot of new things everyday by searching/trying
things on my own,  but at some point i might ask smile

I'm making giant steps on the vertical shooter for now, will release it as example as soon it is more complete

Next step will be the platformer, making some traps/mechanisms (well, platformer stuff tongue),
replacing all current objects and give him a "HD" look before i put it online too

@Anael, the thing i miss for now is a shadeless custom shader but there's no hurry,
             as it will only have a very small visual impact

(note, by error one time i got a perfect shadeless object when i applied
a bad normal map on a model but i cant reproduce it ><)

By the way Arclord how's going your FPS project ?

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I am doing it slowly. Don't want to make anything in a hurry. Now modeling some humans.


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Even though I don't like sf survival horrors, for what it's worth, that survival horror screenshots have very nice and atmospheric light design.

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i like your efforts,first of all.
I am searching for easy,light engine to experiment with 3d side scrollers.
If what your platformer is working and can be done wihtout programming,please tell me.

If you plan to post the platform as template even better for me.
I am modeller worked with 3ds max and mudbox mostly but i could script with some help from forums i hope.

Again nice work and good luck.

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Hi and welcome smile

About scripting, i'm afraid you can't avoid it, however LUA is so fast & easy that even an highly allergic to programming like me can get results and even find it fun, that certainly means something smile

If it can give you an idea, here's an old video of a platformer test i made after a few days using maratis without almost any skills in 3d/scripting : … -06-77.avi

If you can wait a bit i'm gonna make a concrete platformer example
(should have done it long time ago, thanks for reminding me ><)

Alternatively, you can check my site (under Maratis -> YoFrankie) to see (very basically) how scripting works.

Thank you!

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Nice video..shows what can be done ...liked the jumping over edge and resulting free fall /sky wink


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Since i do not know how to compile source,i could use something that can be modded,like
replacing the characters,modifying existing scripts,attributes.
I would script of course,with the help of forums.


I mean,Great,i hope no experience is needed to use your demos,like-place the game folders and hit open project.

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The survival horror genre can be explored , possibly, more than the others cause you can do a lot with it. Love the looks of that one.

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I should really update these, things have changed alot since that wink
But yeah, there's alot of freedom with the horror genre, it's definately one of my (why so many.....) favorite project tongue

Re: Test projects

small update to the post

Re: Test projects

I don't see much horror here, but OK ;p,,whatever you say () though you wont break my heart o nthat note, as I absolutely hate gore ( though horror can  take on many forms, most mean it to include gore though , at least these days, unlike the classy act Hitchcock was!),,so unnecessary as if that is the ONLY thing you rely on in a game,,you aren't likely to go anywhere, nor should you.

imho, and I deserve my own don't we all, someday we all have to grow up and own society for our own contributions.

But anyway I definitely like some of these, but my question to you, is what is the status of these ? Are any finished or half way or what ? wink

I like bottom left one the most, so is that just lighting from Maratis or some shader combo thereof maybe baked ambient lighting?

Re: Test projects

The most complete was the top left one (who went to hell with the rest of my files)
it was a SuperSmashTV clone, so a challenging game with ennemies constantly poping-up from 4 directions.
It has : exploding barrels, 3 types of ennemies with ok AI (for this kind of games), pop-up elements (boosters, medpacks, 6 types of weapons)

The rest of the projects had basic movement/action working, but nothing special except some test stuff.

I also forgot one project (luckily i kept one old version on another drive), it looks a bit like Valkyrie Sky
It has currently : 2 types of ennemies with 4 different spawning pattern each,
HP & Armor management, differents types of attacks for the main character
but i'm stuck at collectibles & inventory system (and ennemy bullet spawning patterns gives me hard times too)

And about horror stuff, i had to think again about it because THIS
Who wants to compete ? not me. (not alone in all cases)
voice acting, textures, models, and especially animation has to be professional level otherwise it looks more dumb than scary so for now it's out of my reach.

Luckily for gore that's different !

Oh and for the last bottom left project, it's nothing more than diffuse textures,
and two lights (one shadow, one basic), nothing baked

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Man, I sure wish you still had these projects and would have released the project files. That would have been a backup and a good help on how to use Maratis to make a full game. We have yet to see a full length game with polish using Maratis.

I am new to making games and programming, but I know it is possible to use Maratis to do such a thing.

I might have to use some 1980s tricks of the trade to do stuff (shadows and whatnot) but I can make a game with polish with Maratis. Just downloaded Tomb Raider 1 on my iPad and realized you really don't have to use expensive graphics and things to make a full and interesting game.

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Tutorial Doctor : true, I also recently watched some videos of tomb raider 1 and it's still working very well, gameplay is there, atmosphere is there. Indeed a lot of things can be done with small budgets.

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I sure wish you still had these projects and would have released the project files

Haha seriously you can be thankful i didn't posted these files.
Ultra messed up script (timers up-side-down // dofiles at every corner), boxes everywhere and broken animations,
Anyone with minimal common sense would have run away tongue

But i'm improving tongue

Re: Test projects

Perhaps when I was new to this all, I would have run away, but I am at the point I just want to see how other people do things. That way I can get some ideas about how to proceed with my own stuff. I mean, I can get models in and animations and things, but to get something a little more "full" going, I am having a time with.

I would have enjoyed all the boxes everywhere and broken animations. hehe.

It seems that you have interfaces in those screenshots and decent textured sets. Perhaps you could do a tutorial or something?

Oh, and are you working on anything right now?

Re: Test projects

there is no game made on a Maratis, because the engine is not enough basic things (in lua)... many times I started the game on Maratis, but everytime i had to leave to another engine.

Re: Test projects

Perhaps you could do a tutorial or something?

I can isolate some of my game mechanics and make small examples if it can help
but for texturing you're on your own tongue i've kinda gave up at this point

For my projects i'm on :

Valkyrie Sky-like
Going very well, it's pretty much in playable state although there's still countless things to add

Tower defense project
Must do a complete re-write and still have some things to figure out

2D Platformer
On hold because the workflow for mapping is not viable at all, still searching

But i make little progress right now because i'm learning to use Music Trackers these days

Re: Test projects

Im trying to figure out how to add more polish to the 3rd person demo I posted (one with the soldier in St. Petersburg.) I can get nice ambient occlusion, but when it comes to texturing I too am almost at the giving up point. My main issue with texturing is that it is easy to get lost in Blender. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't, and all because of some remote button you have to do 1,000 forum searches and 300 video tutorial searches to find out about.

I did get a good example in my "Blender Work" post. It is textured, but not accurately. I just applied a repeating texture. I guess the UV unwrapping thing is what is still a mystery to me. I could paint directly on the model (In blender that gets a little confusing as well) in Sculptris, but it is not ideal for large scale models like buildings. I tried to do it in Sketchup, but when modifying the materials sketch up imports into Blender, things get confusing again.

I think my issues are mainly because Blender's UI is so illogical. And just the way most things are set up are illogical. You find yourself hopping to and fro to do simple tasks. So I am using six different programs to do my game, and the data is spread across them (makes things a bit more tedious).

I know I can get a game with polish done in marts (the FunLand Demo is the best proof I have so far) but fighting with Blender is getting annoying. Blender is so capable, but they need to fix the UI and the layout of the operations.

Re: Test projects

My main issue with texturing is that it is easy to get lost in Blender

Yeah, i think using single textures/materials is a waste of time in blender, as there's no library system,
you'll loose control no matter what.

I think the best solution is to use single texture atlases, that allow you to map alot of stuff
with a single texture, such as this :

Modular Buildings Assets
or Batman Arkham City models analysis
or Working with Modular assets
or Single Atlas Building

This is working ok, but there is a probleme in blender apparently, the textures are "bleeding" on each other even if the edges are perfectly lined up in the UV map window (example here on a pixelart scaled up texture atlas :

PunBB bbcode test

But even if there was no problem, how am i supposed to draw decals (because seamless textures alone are visually ugly), then bake AO, with everything perfectly set up.. this is where i abandonned.

you have to do 1,000 forum searches and 300 video tutorial searches to find out about

Ah hell, don't tell me about ! that's a true pain.

And about the interface yes, i hope they will add some  "customisable pannels" where you could put in everything you need, so you don't have to constantly open non-sense menu/submenus

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