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Hi there!

Tonight I've been playing around with the Maratis sources, attempting to build them for the Open Pandora gaming console ( - ideally I'd like to get the Editor running on the Pandora natively, as well as the Player and Engine too, of course.

I've noticed that it seems you are preparing to use GL ES 1/2 for rendering as well as OpenGL (normal profile) depending on availability.  The Pandora console has the GL ES 1.1 and 2.0 libraries available onboard, and is quite a capable little machine when it comes to 3D graphics.

I was wondering what the plan is to support the ES1/2 profiles, and whether there is some thought already about replacing the GLEE dependency with something more modern - perhaps glloader (which supports -ES already) or something like that?

Re: Remove the libGLEE requirement?

Hi !

cool, I don't know much about the Pandora, but I think you can follow the structure of the iOS publishing,
the best for you would be to start compiling the player, you can find the opengl ES rendering context on svn here : … 253Dclosed

I guess it will need a special project (or makefile) that uses the ES rendering context, the Pandora native libs and ignore GLEE.

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Great, yes I'm having a look into getting the Player working as quickly as possible - but what do you say about getting the Editor onboard as well?  Is it going to be possible to use GLES for the rendering in the Editor, somehow?  This, frankly, would kick some seriouly major ass!  smile  Assuming we can make it happen somehow ..

EDIT: If there is some way we can chat over IM or IRC on this, it would be of great help .. I could even make my Pandora (with onboard devtools) available to you over the 'net as a build system if you are interested in doing this.  If there were a way to get the Editor running on the Pandora, it would be an immensely useful tool to the Pandora community, which is primed with much enthusiasm to be developing 3D games for the platform - this would also translate to some interesting other-platform work too, I'm quite sure.

Anyway, I am torpor on IRC (Freenode), and lurk in #openpandora, in case you want to chat about this live ..

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Re: Remove the libGLEE requirement?

The player will work without problem I think, the hard part will be to find the libs (OpenAL, freetype etc) on Pandora (but it looks like it is a linux system ?)

It will be possible to build the editor as well, there is just more dependencies than the player to sort out.

We can try to talk this week-end on chat, I'll send you a mail to plan it better.

Re: Remove the libGLEE requirement?

Yes, the Pandora is a full-blown Linux system and we have those libs onboard already.  In fact, there's no problems with those dependencies whatsoever ..

It would be really helpful if we could chat realtime about the Editor port - in the meantime I've set up GL ES1/2 on my Linux workstation (amd64 machine) to see if i can get it built to use the GL ES context in the meantime.  If I can work this out, it will be a piece of cake to build onboard the Pandora device itself .. and I can't tell you how many people will be very, very happy to become sudden maratis3d users as a result of that port, but I'm sure there will be *quite* some interest in using the Pandora to do 3D content creation onboard!

If you want to know about the Pandora scene, here are a few links for you:

Software repository built for the Pandora by eager devoted Pandora users:

The thread that got me interested in maratis in the first place: … ntry110466

An example of a 3D app I ported to the Pandora environment:

I hope you will investigate our community and see that we are going to be quite a resource for maratis when it is running on the Pandora!  In the meantime, back to GLES1/2 on my workstation .. I look forward to our connection on the weekend.

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Hey, just to say I tried the other sunday to join IRC, but didn't see you,
I looked at your w1xer port and saw the special include to add in maratis ES rendering context,
I'll try to add it when I have some time. The next will just be to make write a special makefile (I don't know how it is working for pandora ?)

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Sorry about that - guess we missed each other during some netsplits.

Well, anyway .. I'm still quite interested in the ability to remove libGLEE/supplant it with GLEW or some derivative .. Maybe some time this week we can sync on IRC or otherwise discuss how to do this?

My goal is to be able to build and run the maratis3d suite *on* Pandora (i.e. not cross-compile) and libGLEE is the only thing stopping that .. the Pandora is a normal Linux machine, albeit with GLES1/2 instead of GL.  If maratis3d can be built on/for the Pandora, it will probably result in a few interesting projects getting under way - the Pandora scene is full of folks who want tools like maratis3d to target Pandora gaming specifically, and the only thing stopping them is a lack of such tools.  There are efforts to get the Blender Game Kit ported as well, and of course there is the general 'seeping in' factor of GL ES1/2 profiles being made available in some of the other toolkits .. but as far as I know, if maratis3d can be built on the Pandora, it will be a first for an open, powerful 3D toolkit on this platform.  Thats why I'm eager to see if a casual flip of requirements might bear fruit ..

Anyway, holiday mode is over in my household and I hope to have some time for this stuff during the week - lets see if we can't make some progress somehow.  Feel free to ask any technical/other questions you see fit - I'm quite confident that the Open Pandora console can provide a great platform for a slightly less technically sophisticated, yet nevertheless competent and powerful set of users to be using your great tool to make content.

EDIT: its not available right now, but in the next day or so I'll retrieve my Open Pandora and submit a patch with the changes I've made so far to get maratis3d building.  It wasn't a lot of work, but nevertheless it would be nice to have your experienced eyes watching whats going on, with a view to having Pandora just show up as a build target/host.

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Re: Remove the libGLEE requirement?

is it possible to run scons on pandora ?

Re: Remove the libGLEE requirement?

Yes, no problems running scons on Pandora.  For all intents and purposes, the Pandora is a 'normal' Linux workstation, with package management provided by Angstrom-linux, and so on.  It runs a normal Linux desktop (Xfce) and can be used to compile all sorts of standard packages.  The only real 'gotcha' is that it runs GL ES1/2 instead of 'normal' OpenGL .. but as you know, this isn't such a huge dilemna.

More technical details are available here and on other pages of this wiki:

I'll have a bit more time to play with this later in the week - I hope we can get a build done!  smile  Also, I'm lurking in IRC all week (same details as before) in case you want to try and track me down so we can work faster, interactively ..

Re: Remove the libGLEE requirement?

Ok, so in fact we should just modify the scons script and add the pandora as a special target with replacing the GLRenderer by the GLES2Renderer and removing the glee dependency.

Re: Remove the libGLEE requirement?

Okay, sounds about right to me .. I'll have some time to look at it tonight, CET (Vienna) .. around 8pm'ish.  Lets see if we can get it sorted ..