Topic: couldn't install blender add-on


just as I said in the subject. I followed exactly the Blender export tutorial but the add-on didn't appear in the list. I use Blender 2.62. Is it right to select the zip file?

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yes you need to select the zip file directly,
did you try with the last version downloadable separately on maratis website ?
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I didn't tried yet on blender 2.62, I'll make a try to see if they didn't change something on python.

Re: couldn't install blender add-on

Oops, I think, something is wrong with me today. I tried to install the add-on that came along with the program package. Now, with the right add-on, it works.

Thank you and excuse me.

Re: couldn't install blender add-on

Cool smile
No problem, my fault, I didn't plan it the right way, in the next release the blender export script won't be published with Maratis package (to avoid the version problem)