Topic: OpenGL 1.4 support?

This is a bit of a strange one, Maratis Editor seems to run fine with OpenGL 1.4, whereas Maratis Player (or when you run the game from within the editor) just displays a blue screen.

I realise that OpenGL 1.4 is ooooooold now and the solution would be "get updated drivers/graphics card which supports newer OpenGL" but I was just wondering, What is it that's stopping the "game" from rendering normally, whereas the 3D view within the editor renders fine. Is it possible to force a switch to a "low def mode" for 1.4 cards? Games themselves can implement some sort of popup or message of some form saying "Game is not optimised for this graphics card so may not display as expected".

I just think that, if this can be sorted, at least in some way, it can only improve Maratis. Plus next week I will be away from my PC with my netbook which only has a i945 GPU, so if I could persuade this to work, I can be more productive wink

Re: OpenGL 1.4 support?

Are you running the same thing on both ? is it using the FixedRenderer and not the StandardRenderer ?

I know at some point I added a fix in Maratis to force the FixedRenderer if opengl was lower than 2.0, maybe I forget to copy the line to the player.

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> yes, it seems to be that

For now if you publish your game project with the FixedRenderer it should be ok,
and I will also add the fix to the player for a safer run.

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That seems to have fixed it. It also seems that one of the computers I was having it tested on didn't have the VC++2010 runtime installed on it, so I was having different results with an older version, which was using the prebuilt binaries (VC8 I assume) and the ones I built.

This is quite helpful. Just checking, can we get, from a game/plugin whether it will be using the fixed renderer? So we can display a plugin.

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yes, you can do : engine->getRenderer()->getName()
the fixed renderer will return "FixedRenderer"

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Thanks, That will make things a lot nicer.