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A new release of Maratis is ready, including a new example :



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Really cool "Yo Frankie" level.
Is there a way to add a HUD by scripting?
If there were a few functions, something like  "display_image", "scroll_image", etc... to build a simple HUD, it would be great.
I've played with your soft for a few days and that's what I thought:
- Needs functions for HUD.
- Needs a few functions to animate textures (scroll, scale, replace textures) while the game is running.
- Needs particles system for special effects.
Otherwise, the editor is simple and I feel like working with it and making a demo.

An other question: do you plan to add possibility of creating .exe files, to run games as standalones?
Maybe it's already possible? I didn't see this feature.
For the moment, is it possible to play a level without downloading the editor?

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for HUD, there is a basic topic about it (with only script, you can link HUD to camera) :

For special effect and texture animation :
- Some of this can be animated in blender (export material anim and texture anim)
- And from code, it can be done using c++ SDK (using a game plugin, like WaterGameDemo)

Using c++ can look complicated, but once you get the basic understanding, it's not more complex than using the lua scripting language as you can also access simple functions.

To publish your game as a standalone, here is a topic explaining it (second post) :


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1 - You wrote: "it's possible to do simple GUI with script with brutal force > linking GUI to camera".
I don't really understand what it means. Maybe a future tutorial will show this.

2 - I also read the post about publishing a game as a standalone:  the way you describe it, everyone can have acces to meshes, textures, etc... What if you don't want to enable this?

3- Using C++ is surely not more complex than lua scripting but I'll wait for a few tutorials on this subject.

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1 - Idea is to import your gui as a mesh, or using the Text object, then to place it in front of the camera, where you want the GUI to be visible. When this is done, you select the camera first, then the GUI objects you want to attach and do "Edit > Link selection".
So the GUI objects will be attached to the camera.

2 - Textures and meshs are not hidden yes. There is a plan to pack all the data in the future. A contributor will be helpful for doing that faster.

3 - Yes I'll do some tutorial to make it clear.

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Jack Andrew : You don't understand, you mean about making HUD in c++ ?
There is a tutorial here :

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Maratis is awesome, really! Thanks