Topic: Tip for 3D Platform Level Editing

I have created a set of objects to display around the level,

but what if I have a object made of five entities or more for logic,graphics,physics,ecc ecc?

I have to duplicate them around the world and if change something I have to make the change to everything

So what I've done...

In example let's say that I created a special ladder that needs 4 entities

I create one special ladder as template then I put a invisibile box with name SpecialLadderPointer1 in every place where I want a special ladder

So every change that I made to the template model will be apply to the pointers smile

1. SpecialLadderTemplate = { list of objects of the template objects}
2. SpecialLadderPointers = { list of pointers objects}
3. for loop where I deactivate the template
4. define a function getSpecialLadderCloneAt( pointerObject ) which get a pointer position and clone a template at that position
5. for loop where for each pointer I call getSpecialLadderCloneAt( pointer )

I'll create a lua class for this method asap smile

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