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I started playing a little with the blender exporter, and I 'm stuck in a very stupid problem...
If I try to export a simple cube, the shading in Maratis looks "smooth" at the vertices, producing a strange effect. One vertex is very bright, while the opposite is dark; and this happens also if I tile the cubes...
I suspect the problem is related on the way blender places the normals in the vertices (they are not aligned to the face normals). Any suggestion on how to export in order to get rid of this strangeness


how can I upload some image, in order to better show the problem?

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You need to use a modifier in blender, it's called "edge split".

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And for the future, you can upload images there :

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It works! and perfectly!
thanks for the hint Anael,
and thanks for the imageshark link, Vegas

now the cube is exported consistently to what I see inside blender, as you can see in the image:


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