Topic: What would be a good theme for A Maratis Demo Game?

So, the Starter Pack I have started is close to good enough where I can make a demo Game with it:

Adding functionality to my games has become a lot easier with this starter pack. I still need to organize things a bit, but now I want to create a demo game.

You have probably seen the upload I made with Jules in it called Jules N' funland:

I kinda like that style of game. It's sorta like Yo Frankie.

Or perhaps I can make 3 levels for 3 different genres?

I could do a first person, a third person adventure, and a third person RPG style?

Of course, the first person will use the Sponza Level controls for now (re-organized by me to make it easier to use). Perhaps I will just use the Jules Level for the third person adventure (re-organized by me to make it easier to use). And I could perhaps use the same third person adventure script to do the RPG thing too.

Can anyone recommend any games that seem doable in Maratis in the aforementioned genres?

Re: What would be a good theme for A Maratis Demo Game?

Well all the genres you listed are doable, but i think it should be best to stick to closed environments because of the current limitations ;

1) Light limitations
2) Exporter limitations (can't export a scene with each individual object being exported as its own mesh)

So for RPG/Adventures games (big landscape) you will probably need to fill the scene with all kind of objects, not a great idea atm.

FPS, Third person, even platformer would work best imo, with small scale, polished environements.

for example, RE4 Prototype

Re: What would be a good theme for A Maratis Demo Game?

Chances are I am going to be doing a lot of baking lights and shadows for now, and just using perhaps one light to cast shadows (although even then those shadows don't look so good) or making a script that projects a simple oval underneath objects as a shadow (like they used to do in old games).

The way I have organized the files in the Starter pack lends to easily putting lots of different meshes in the game, and you can just copy and paste the meshs folder if you want to upload, since each sub-folder has its own maps and meshs folders, and the meshs reference their own maps folder.

That example you give is the type of game I will be going for when I finish the AI system:

I just need to do some better animation and make a more involved level (more polish as you say).

I have been looking at tutorials on how to do this quickly, so once I start, I will upload those levels for use or for testing.

Thanks for the tip. Any more tips would help.

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