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PunBB bbcode test

Heres an example on how to shoot a bullet with only translate
NOTE : Lookat Behavior is used, to make the zombie walk toward the player

- Z,Q,S,D Keys to move
- Left Click to shoot
- When hit count is 10, door open/close (indeed, its completely useless)

The example have sounds (Ambiant, gun shot, zombie hit) except for the door

I let the white box visible (Bullets are shot from its position)
PunBB bbcode test
NOTE : Theres a problem with it when rotating mouse, i update when i find whats wrong

And the "bullets"
PunBB bbcode test

Project : … Bullet.rar
LUA Script alone : … Bullet.lua

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Nice, it's impressive !
And the light and sound are pretty immerse, I like the dramatic shadow.

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Thanks smile

I start to really love putting everything at 0 emit and use only maratis lights, this example was cleaned
as much as possible to keep a small file size but on some other test scenes,
i got some awesome results

I'm currently working on 4 differents projects, gonna send some screens in the next days, and then videos,
once enough game mechanics, GUI and assets are done wink

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Very nice work Vegas. I like the visuals.


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not to cause more spam, (this post can be deleted) but it looks like there is spam hitting the forum sad hopefully it can be mitigated before it become a bothersome problem big_smile

also nice Work Vegas big_smile thanks for the tut big_smile

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At least he bumped an example who needs an update tongue
don't worry they never last long smile

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spam cleaning, a daily job unfortunately : )

by the way Vegas, you should really continue one of your game, nice potential !

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I do, almost daily  wink
the problem is i'm spending months experimenting modeling/animations/graphics techniques that reveal to be completely obsolete/useless in the end
Only now i'm starting to see what will work and what will not wink

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Experiment is part of the pleasure smile
good to hear about your project !