Topic: Milkshape exporter?

Milkshape is my preferred tool, as i purchased it a few years imports / exports to dang near everything , and was made specifically to model/animate for games. No fancy bs with it( no lightmapping, for instance, or stuff such as vertex weights ( it has it, doesn't work all that great yet)), just straight-forward modeling and correct bone placement for animations.

It can export to collada , and fbx , .3ds, .obj ( with animations)( and about 30 other formats.....) .

Not being a great blender user , I'm hoping to use one of the above formats to export animated models to blender , so i can experiment with Maratis.I have exported/imported animated stuff from it to blender---works like it was made to do that sort of thing specifically. Bones are where they're suppossed to be, no" weird" vertexes, no faces out of place, animations work fine( exporting to .3ds --no animations, good for buildings/props, though, but you'll have to rotate the model 90 degrees ).

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it for Maratis? Or if i get back into programming, would anyone be interested in a maratis milkshape exporter?

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Re: Milkshape exporter?

Milkshape is an excellent game tool, a maratis exporter is a good idea.

Re: Milkshape exporter?

Yes, it would. I've always said if Milkshape was free, it'd blow blender out of the water. Gonna see just how tough that'd be to do..... Milkshape exporter for Maratis.