Topic: What about an open tutorials project ?

What do you think about an open tutorials project, funded by donations and sponsoring ?
Open-source code and Creative Commons content. It will be probably very difficult to fund, but
it can be done little by little.

I'm listing here some ideas :

> Introduction, creating a small game step by step :
  - Idea, Sketching
  - Project creation
  - Textures, Blender modeling, export
  - Level design, physics
  - Simple scripting
  - Publishing

> Advanced modeling and animation (Blender/Maratis) :
  - Bones, Material and texture animation
  - How to bake light map

> Advanced rendering:
  - Shader pipeline : Create custom shaders
  - Fixed pipeline : Use multitexture effects ? (for old computers and GLES1 phone compatible)

> SDK introduction, how to create a Game plugin :
  - Game class creation
  - Simple Behavior code and usage

> Create a 2D game (ortho mode)

> Making a post process effect (shading)

> Split screen and multiple camera

> Create a Game GUI

What quind of things would you like to see if something like that can happen ?

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It's a great idea.
The first step may be to create Wiki on Google project page.


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Sorry but what do you mean exacty by an "open tutorials project, funded by donations and sponsoring"?
A site with tutorials? Why should it have to be funded?

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Hi !

Idea is to create quality examples and short open games licensed under creative commons, like The Blender foundation can do with his open-projects, but more focused on education/tutorials.

Making a "pure" open-game is also one idea, but maybe education is the first step, that's a taught.

Why funded and sponsored ? Because producing content need support and time, and open-source people are also eating !

This topic is about a taught, I'm waiting some responses/comments,
let me know what is your opinion about it.



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My opinion is  that something like the "Yo Frankie" DVD with an open game, followed by detailled tutorials on every aspect of the production, from modeling to scripting is a great idea.
Because it is a big project, that's probably not where you would start:
- First, put online quality demos and some basic free tutorials. For this, ask for donations.
- Second, put exclusive online short games and very detailled tutorials about these games. To acces the tutorials, you would need to pay, maybe one time for a whole serie of tutorials, maybe each month with a Citizen Membership system, like on the Blender Cookie Site.
For sure, as there will be free tutorials on the net, games and tutorials will have to be first quality.

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Re: What about an open tutorials project ?


although it is a good idea to start making a tutorial from zero but I think the engine need another thing, it needs to be publicized, more and more, and for that if you could make a documentation like what we see about Unreal game engine, especially video tutorials part (, it will be more logical. a wise step.

society needs to know about your engine (how to work with, understands its capabilities and so on), and they will make open source games with the engine like what we see in other project, when it is popular with more fans and contributor at that point surely it is logical making this kind of tutorial.

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Re: What about an open tutorials project ?

great links about unreal, it will be nice to have videos and tutorials for Maratis you right,
it is time consuming but I'm doing my best. Next month will see the first step of it.

For this open-tutorial idea, it is too soon that's right, and maybe not relevant,
just an idea for the future I wanted to discuss.

I'm planning to make a tutorial explaining how to redo one of the example packed
with Maratis for beginning of March. Next will be more detailed documentation.


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I support the idea, the sooner we have some infos on the basics of maratis, the faster we can start making
concrete & good looking projects
And i think funding isn't necessary at this time, just let people toy around and share what they
discover (if they are willing to !)

I'm currently working on a Car game and (fake)2D platformer for a start, planning to make tuts about this
if i can bring them to a decent level smile

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I don't know whether anything's happening with this at the moment, but I would like to offer too.

I am (finally) starting working on a game I've been designing with friends for over a year. Unfortunately crunch time at work and other problems got in the way. Anyway, it's starting rolling now.

As Anael mentioned, we all gotta eat. So the plan for the game isn't to release it open source. Yet. I do intend to release it as a free download and put a big donate button on the website once it's up, then ransoming the source code for a set amount of donations.

However, I am intending to write about the game a lot during development, mostly in the hope that if we get some attention it will provide motivation. Anyway. I can definitely do some tutorials about doing various bits, either generic game development stuff and/or Maratis specific work. Obviously it's not exactly fun to watch someone code for hours while droning on about the feature they're working on, but I can try and do what I can. Mostly I think I'd be doing written work and tutorials, but if I can think of something quite visual where I can keep running the game to test it, I might consider doing a video for that too. The one that springs to mind is a particle system.

Anyway, I'm sure that when I get around to it, I'll put information up smile Just thought I'd resurrect an old thread tongue

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Well I am willing to do Maratis C++, Lua, and Blender Tutorials

And provided asset packs: Here are a few screenshots.

Cut out tree's and Plants Example
Larger View

Here are some Random Objects
Larger View

Character Modeling
Larger View

I can also do story telling.

Your character walks into a two story house.

The house is very dirty with low light levels, the lighting has a very faint greenish tone.

Laying in a recliner is an over-weight putrid corps of a man.

The tv is on but there is just static on it.

There are rats running around everywhere.

Upstairs there is a little girls room.

The little girls room has carpet and wallpaper, there is one large section
of blood soaked carpet by the girls bed. there are random furnishings,
and a closet.

Once your character makes it to the center of the room, things start
to lightly vibrate you hear squeaking, from the bed, the light on a chain above your head
starts to sway back and fourth.

The wallpaper on the walls starts to bubble……
Your character turns around to run for the door but before you git there the door slams!

shut. You can’t get the door open…..
Suddenly everything goes quiet…….
You hear this horrible demonic scream of a female child……

A dead/demonic dirty little girl in a white blood stained night gown comes crawling out
from underneath the bed. She has long black hair and glossy black eye’s.

She stands up quickly and glides across the floor by the tips of here toes with arms
extended(reaching) for you.

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If Only I could find a good and fast workflow for creating tutorials for a computer (can't afford Camtasia, and don't like CamStudio), I would like to create some tutorials.

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Hey TD, you can try with :

KoyoteSoft recorder
I've been using this one for ages and have nothing to complain about


DVDvideoSoft recorder
Warning : my malwarebytes detected some stuff from this one