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The main reason I have been trying to flood this site with content is that what I find is that people who might be interested in Maratis come here and find a community that is almost non-existent. But the main thing is that they go to the showcase area and don't see any CONTENT. People want to know what is possible with the engine. So people kinda say Maratis? Yeah right!

Or they might see some cool things, but don't know how the engine works, and might need some downloadable examples to test and play with to see how things work, and again, what is possible.

For instance, one person was able to download the Jules N Funland example I made, and change the terrain and edit the code and add other features. This makes a person comfortable working in Maratis.

It is part of the reason I put up the TEST LEVELS:

We really need more CONTENT. Even if it may not be the best, you will learn from what you DO. And also let other people test it and make suggestions also.

Pictures are cool, but I know I am a hands on person.

If I can get this Normal Map thing down, I will make some nice looking levels that prove Maratis can really compete.

But I think the key advantage that Maratis has over some others is EASE OF USE and SPEED.

Anael, keep it FAST. Unity is very sluggish. Optimization is key also, and I know you work like that already.


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0.0 I am working as fast as I can!!!!!!!! lol

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zester wrote:

0.0 I am working as fast as I can!!!!!!!! lol


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I do agree screenshots are not enough and some concrete projects would be way better.
The ideal thing would be to provide simple templates for every genres, like anael did with SponzaFPS / YoFrankie.
And additionally some high poly scenes with realistic textures / physics objects as showcase material,
It might be worth making either :
1) A modular set for that purpose
2) Find some models from BlenderSwap and adapt them

What you think ?