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" Don't be so negative and stop trolling this forum, I'm sure you have better things to say.

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This is where this all started:

I posted in response to what I felt, given that  unity guidelines or even EPIc I think wouldn't allow such disgusting content, so why here ? Does that make sense  to everyone ? wink

It was done by someone who has admitted they have a few 'issues'. Im not judging anyone, a lot of us have 'issues', but there are times  one must speak up , and yes some of these issues cross cultures between 'young' and 'older' people, that's life. I felt it shouldn't be there, anael disagrees. Fine, I sorta suspected he would say that given his past record of allowing  'iffy' content. I thin its disgraceful.

That the owner thinks 'its ok', shows me I can't be here, and be the non violent developer I am, who while isn't perfect, trys to be as 'decent' a person as they can be.

What  I'd like to know is, why couldn' zester have posted something 'for all ages' not just adults ? Why the pornography crap ? Everyone KNOWS this stuff goes on in real life, you seen it on the news sometimes, do we also then have to see it in theoretical 'dialogue' on a gaming website ?  Why if so ? WHo is it helping ? Are there proof in statistics, that it 'helps' having this crap on gaming websites ? I"d love to see some proof, but of course there prob. isn't ANY wink

If he 'needed' to post something as borderline offensive (  anael even admitted this, see his comment!! ) as that was, why not do it on his own website, or in his 'released' game, on steam or such, and let the public decide there. Why allow 'borderline' disgusting words on a , otherwise 'decen't game engine forum ? I can name several other 'forums' that don't allow it.

Irrrpg.sourceforge,net., unreal engine, unity 3d. Why here then ?

Parents try to shield their kids from seeing such horrific things, why can't we do that elsewhere. When does it become ok, after our parents raise us to avoid such things, to suddenly be 'ok' ? Isn't that a valid question ? wink

If someone thinks Im a 'troll' for daring to ask the obvious questions that a lot of parents would JOIN me in caring about, then then this forum, this owner of said engine, is out of his mind, and I dont' want to be anywhere near him/it.

Also whats this ,,lity, tity stuff about ? IS that porn too ?, see here: , is that also dirty, or some 'new age' lingo most of us are unaware of, or some 'new age' lingo between tut  doctor and anael, given neither speak native English ? Gotta wonder whats going on around this forum, between 'tity' talk and 'offensive' language where the poster discussed in theoretically language, 'porn' ' rape; blah, and where its deemed , just 'ok'.

I wonder 'who' the real troll around here is ?


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Re: Offensive language, from anael

"lity" are the last four letters in the word "quality," and "tity" are the last four letters in the word "quantity." It was an abbreviation for the words. Nothing suggestive about it.

Re: Offensive language, from anael

Ya well,,like ANYbody would get that..thats kind nutty to expect that..'tity' sure sounds like 'titty', you must admit. Missing ONE t,,so I was wondering...

anyway, given anael 'let' the 'porn' post go by , gave me concern about  'this 'post'.

And btw, I just got done asking a MODerator at unity freenode forum, and they said they would not be surprised, if that post by 'zest er' would have been removed once it had been found.

So im not 'crazy' or intollerante or a TROLL, afterall.

Anael is the troll given his 'wilingness' to leave itg.

IM GONE, I don't hang with trolls, who allow 'porn' chat.

Remove my 'nick' all you wish, prob. all the better,,but don't worry.I have proof OF ALL THESE POSTS, so ban away!!

At least I know,,that 'unity' wouldn't allow zesters crazy porn post.

TO heck with maratis, even though I was proud to be using it and aappreciating the MIT license,,I really  was..

That's all been erased.

Color me a 'word policeman' to whom that  tickles, but they couldn't be further from the truth. I just see myself as 'normal', and everyone else,,far too 'permissive'. That's life.

To me,,our 'kids' deserve better,,mine sure get 'better'. I was raised right, apparently.

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Re: Offensive language, from anael

We tried our best yet you still don't get it..
I'm sorry dude but you are game over here

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