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Hello Anaël!

Thank you for the reply, I will definitely look into the link and you really helped me understand what is going on alot better.

again, Thank you very much.

Regards, Piranha


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Hi guys, I have been following the development of the Maratis engine for a while now, and with risk of offending someone, (Im sorry) seems like the engine is not being actively developed?

Anaél, are you working on something big for the engine or are you not working actively with the engine anymore?
Im sorry, I just feel like I need to ask.

Still a big fan of Maratis!'

Regards, Piranha


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Hey Anaël, that's too bad, what every game engine in the world needs, is an easy to use gui builder hope to find something else around the webs.

Take care,

Regards, Piranha.


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Hi All!

Resonantly came across a piece of software which could prove to be quite
helpful, if anyone here knows how to use it that is!


This programme can, as its name suggests, build gui's, but what I wanna know
is; can we put it to use with Maratis?

if anyone know about Gui Builder or figures anything out, please post!

Regards, Piranha.


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Hi Vegas,

Very Nice tutorial, and very helpful, however.
what about people who want to make skyboxes for
commercial games? the Terra-gen website states that
the material can only be used non-commercially.

Regards Piranha

Thank you for the warm welcome and the quick answer, I'll take a look at the links you posted,
I found out that UDK exports meshs in the .obj format and unity doesn't (at least at first glance)
support exporting their models.

I really look forward to seeing this evolve and good luck to you and the rest of the team, I'll stay
and play with the engine and if I figure out something good I'll post it.

Cheers Anaël!

I recently discovered Maratis and I am Loving it so far!
This Engine has such potential and the License I think
is going to be one of the many things people will respond
positively to.

Now, I'm a lone individual making games in limited free time,
I guess many of us are, however I've had the time to try out
both UDK ( unreal development kit ) and Unity 3D 3.3 PRO
These engines (especially UDK) have very high-end graphics
and powerful yet somewhat painful editors.

I'm NOT saying that I expect this engine to have all the features
and abilities that UDK and Unity 3D have, I was simply wondering,
is it possible for me fx;
to model a terrain or other entities (characters, weapons particle effects etc.)
in UDK or Unity then Export them, open them in Blender and convert them to
.mesh files and then use them in Maratis?

Thanks for the engine, I am a big fan!
Many people will see this and love it, don't quit on it!