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great, thanks


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a question, when Maratis publish this make a native OS binary executable (win, mac, IOS, linux) or make a pack of the project file with the maratis player for run?

thankyou very much, work perfectly.

beautiful work.


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A sample project would be great, i am curious about if make the normals of the polygon particles ever penperdicular to the camera consume many resources or run fine and too if a particle age code that change the particle color work fine, I tried make some particles but when follow the grass tutorial the plane arrive to Maratis without alpha channel, if is posible please add to this tutorial the image of the settings of the Maratis exporter and too try include a blender file to can see the sample or tutorial working. thanks.


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someone has tried make particles with single polygons with alpha channel (opacity)?, if yes, is aceptable the performance or this option is not viable?


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sorry if this question is repeat, have Maratis a networking tool for multiplayer games? if no, is posible make networking with c++ plugins?.


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I dont understand well the way for export from Blender a mesh with a GLSL shader (i can´t see the shader working before export to Maratis), i try with very basic vertex and fragment codes but i fail,  i would be like a shader editor in Maratis.


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hello, i work with maratis3D some time ago and would be like some basic features and very usefull for the most of game projects, a terrain, water and sky system (my favorite water and sky plugins are hydrax and skyx for ogre, very powerfull and the fps in runtime are incredibly more high that some comercial engines) if this take many dev time then i would be like a file with a basic sample with terrain+water+sky that i can be reuse in my projects, thanks.


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i want change a terrain in realtime, i will be try this code, thankyou very much.


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hello, i see the documentation but not found how make this, i need deform a mesh (vertex) in runtime, thanks.


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Maratis looks fantastic, I have some questions,

1. I can make comercial games?

2. Is necesary include de source code (of the game) with the game?

3. Is posible publish online games with Maratis?