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I finally found a way to get my sketchup model into Blender with textures and faces intact. It uses the OBJ EXPORTER plugin: … .php?t=360

You will also need the Maratis Plugin for Blender:

This is what i get:

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Note: The sketchup plugin will show up under the PLUGINS window in sketchup.

Note: For now I have to import the obj into Blender, then export it back out as an obj from there, then back in, and back out to a Maratis MESH file (as I keep getting some tracking error), but you may not have to.

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Re: Sketchup To Blender To Maratis

Looks pretty nice ! but i think the "Out > In > Out > In > Out" process can really blast your nerves,
What were the results using Assimp ? (so from SketchUp to Maratis directly ?)

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Hehe. The Out > In > Out > In > Out process was just saving me from having to figure out why I was getting strange results. I don't have to do it every time. hehe.

I modeled this in Sketchup, exported it into Blender and then saved it as a Maratis Mesh.  However, the only way to get the Ambient Occlusion is to bake the shadows and texture onto the object. (I have been able to get a model into Maratis with ambient occlusion, but without textures). I don't know Blender that well yet.

I don't know what Assimp is, but I have seen a post on it. I will see what that is.

BTW. I have been checking out some of your stuff Vegas. hehe.

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This hut model was a 3d warehouse model saved using the OBJ exporter. I then imported it using the Maratis IMPORT 3D MODEL menu. No Blender. But I would like to bake the textures and shadows. That is the only reason I would go through Blender.

PunBB bbcode test

(Excuse the 3 dudes in the front)haha.

Re: Sketchup To Blender To Maratis

I would like to bake the textures and shadows

That make sense !

But glad to see it works good from .obj directly, thanks for trying out wink