Topic: Problem publishing project!

Hello all recently me and my DEV team have been working on a game ""
today we tryed to compile the first part of the game to see if it ran fine but we have a problem once it compiled
it runs and opens the game but there is no lighting in the game at all! we have Text for GUI and that shows just fine but everything else is just dark and black please can someone help me we where planning on releasing the alpha on the 1st but because of this it may be delayed

Re: Problem publishing project!

Here are some tips on exporting from blender.

One thing it could be is that the texture maps aren't applied correctly. You could check the .mesh files for the objects.

You do have lights in the project right?

Re: Problem publishing project!

Yes we have done everything correctly me and the team figured out that we needed to add the Textures, Meshes and sound files then it worked fine