Topic: 3dsmax exporter updated

I resumed the development of the maratis exporter for 3dsmax.
I have uploaded the first version of the new plugin.
There is still some bugs, so consider it a early test version.

I have compiled it for 3dsmax 2018.

I have created a video tutorial, a basic manual can be downloaded from my website,
as well as the test scene used in the video tutorial.

It does already support a lot of features:
Animated meshes with bones.
Static meshes.
Diffuse texture and such
onmi\spot light
free\target camera (with FOV \ perspective \ orthographic settings)
Layers exports as 'scenes' in maratis.

Check the video if you want.
The current bug is with the physics, I have created a modifier and such for it, but there is still some remaining issues I need to fix, a updated release is to be expected soon.

If anything is unclear or could be explained better- then feel free to let me know.
I have tried to make it as easy as possible to get things up and running.

Re: 3dsmax exporter updated

I have solved one of the remaining issues with the physics modifier, so I will do my best to get a new release done this weekend, and create a new video showing this feature.

Re: 3dsmax exporter updated

I have uploaded the latest maratis 3dsmax exporter, and created a new video tutorial showing the new features.
See here for more information and downloads: