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anael wrote:

Does anyone with a mac tried the OSX build ?

Seems to be running fine on 64 bit OSX 10.7. smile


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anael: yes, xcode is installed


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I tried to compile on OSX after installing Python 2.7.8 and scons. I get lots of "sh: o: command not found" errors. Eventually the build terminates because of errors. Any ideas?

No problem, glad it's fixed. smile

I'm playing with the light colours in the 3.2 beta on windows, and I can't seem to change the v or b colours in the editor. The red works properly, but the other two refuse to change. The v and b appear to change (the number not the actual light colour), but when I click off and onto them again, the number changes back. Any idea why?


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I just figured out what was wrong, I was looking for the wrong texture in maps/, the required texture was elsewhere.
Thanks anyway. smile


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I used the normal maratis mesh from blender. The mesh file and textures are definitely in the correct folders, I just moved the whole project from windows to mac to make sure, and it is the same on mac. The model works in the editor, but when published it is not there.


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I made a character with an armature and everything, it works fine in the editor, but when I publish my game the character is not there. Not sure if this is a bug or not, i'm using 3.2 beta.


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These are some really useful additions, thanks anael. smile


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This worked well, thanks anael. smile


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So I spent a long time making my first character for a new game, and I rigged it, parented and made an animation. The animation is fine is blender, I think I set it up right. But it does not work. I tried something in another thread, about using vertex groups. I selected the right vertices and pressed assign, it didn't appear to do anything but I did it for all the bones.
I exported it with the armature and model selected, and yet it still doesn't work. I've run out of ideas, so I would really like some help, thanks.

Screenshots of in blender and maratis:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/0k2giobmtrxf0 … -25-60.png
https://www.dropbox.com/s/1f4h0vqlf5qs8 … -00-21.png
https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjczu54gqt4qq … -34-79.png


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I downloaded it and played a minute, pretty cool. Only problem is I had no idea what to do, as I couldn't read anything on the screen because it wasn't in english. sad Oh well, it is interesting.


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The trees are looking good. smile

It's amazing how different they look. smile

Really good models zester, great work. smile


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Being able to save a group of objects to a file and loading it into a level.


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I've asked this before at http://forum.maratis3d.com/viewtopic.php?id=425. It does not currently have any networking.


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Vegas wrote:

Nice wink however i noticed two little problems:
- there's a big fps drop (about 1~2 sec) just after the loading screen
- the car's turning is very, very wild. too wild maybe ?

The fps drop seems to last about 1 second, I just tested it on mac, but i'm not sure what I could do about that, as it's probably the size of the level and all the objects it has to load i'm guessing.
As for the turning I know what you mean. The turning used to be too slow, so I made it faster but maybe too fast, ill try tweaking that sometime. smile

In that testing I noticed another bug with challenge 3, the objects are there before the challenge is started. I remember this as a bug where I would try to deactivate them in the editor, and the editor would crash. However I thought I put in some temporary script to stop that, perhaps not. Will try to fix in the next version.


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Great! Some good features, well done.


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Released V0.3 for mac and windows.
Windows: http://www.mediafire.com/?w3ec45v3e3ca684
Mac: http://www.mediafire.com/?1p1i2ysqv2ylow9

Lots has changed since my last post, the challenges are fully working now. It is Christmas themed for the moment.


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A function for toggling shadows on lights, for lower spec systems shadows off would help the fps and on higher spec systems shadows can be on. Example enableShadows(Light0) and disableShadows(Light0), that sort of thing.


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It would be nice to be able to hide the console for the published version of a project to make the game look cleaner.
EDIT: Oh and I would like it if I was able to set the icon and title of the window of the published project.


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So dofile is still broken? sad Sorry, I didn't get around to testing it today. But if you are rebuilding it now then i'll wait.


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Thanks anael.
I'll be downloading it shortly. Oh and happy holidays!


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Excellent, thanks anael. big_smile