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I have uploaded the latest maratis 3dsmax exporter, and created a new video tutorial showing the new features.
See here for more information and downloads:



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I have solved one of the remaining issues with the physics modifier, so I will do my best to get a new release done this weekend, and create a new video showing this feature.


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I resumed the development of the maratis exporter for 3dsmax.
I have uploaded the first version of the new plugin.
There is still some bugs, so consider it a early test version.

I have compiled it for 3dsmax 2018.


I have created a video tutorial, a basic manual can be downloaded from my website,
as well as the test scene used in the video tutorial.

It does already support a lot of features:
Animated meshes with bones.
Static meshes.
Diffuse texture and such
onmi\spot light
free\target camera (with FOV \ perspective \ orthographic settings)
Layers exports as 'scenes' in maratis.

Check the video if you want.
The current bug is with the physics, I have created a modifier and such for it, but there is still some remaining issues I need to fix, a updated release is to be expected soon.

If anything is unclear or could be explained better- then feel free to let me know.
I have tried to make it as easy as possible to get things up and running.

I'm currently updating my 3dsmax exporter for maratis, and I've run into a slight issue.
It seems as if the physics mesh is not overlapping the graphics mesh the way I want.

Let's take a box as example (in 3dsmax) -
the default pivot point of a 3dsmax box is at the lower end of the box.
But it seems as if maratis expects the 'pivot' to be in the center of the box?

So I guess my question now is:
How does maratis create the physics box? is it created from the 'center' and out?
What parameters does it use from the graphics mesh to get the proper size it should be? (bounding box?).
And is there a way to see the physics mesh for debugging?

Right now it's pretty hard to 'see' whats going on when all you see is physics shapes going into other shapes.
For example spheres goes half into the floor, when they should be on top, the sphere is fine if I set the pivot on the box floor to be in the center,  so it seems as if it's the issue.

All though it's not ideal in any way - because I would like to move my pivot freely and then also align the physics with the graphics - regardless of where the pivot is located in 3dsmax. I'm sure I can fix it somehow on my end, but it's just a bit unclear to me how it works.

If it's unclear I can upload a scene, one where the pivot\graphics\physics is wrong, and one where it's aligned.

Nice plugin!

We have something similar for 3dsmax too ( Flatiron - http://www.texturebaking.com/ ), but it's not free.
I wish there where more open source 3dsmax plugin developers around smile

Look through here for all the functions:

http://wiki.maratis3d.org/index.php?tit … tions_list

All the functions you need for this are in there.
It's just a matter of taking the time to actually do some research.


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I have posted both x32 and x64 plugin.
latest link is both on the forum and on my homepage.

http://stigatle.net/ , there is a link in the first article.


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visualize the bones in the viewport. (even if it's simple 2D lines it would do wonders).


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Very nice! Keep up the good work!
looking forward to see more of this as it progresses.


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I guess what you are looking for is animation blending?

that could be used for example to make the character wave his hand while walking, instead of 1 at a time.

I'm unsure if it's supported. but you could just test by playing 2 animations at the same time through script, it might work.


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that's stored in a file with your project. if this file get's deleted then this happens.


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thank you, I will test this later today smile


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yes, a how-to build it for linux.

ubuntu I'd guess would be the most "generic" distro to make such a tutorial for.


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can you post a how-to tutorial (that goes through every step in a easy manner?)
That would be great.. It would also help future users who wants to help out with linux version.


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visualize the mesh used in physics calculation for debugging, as a wireframed type mesh would be great.


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That's nice of you Vegas, thanks for looking into it!
Also just let us know if there is anything we can help you with.


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They use CEGUI for Ogre engine.
It's very popular with that engine.

My vote is on CEGUI.

I do not have enought time \ experience to test a implementation.
are anyone if you up to it?


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Very cool.
I'll test it when I get home tonight.
(I run opensuse x64 on my home computer).


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Here's the features that I miss when using maratis,
I do not expect everything to be fixed, I just wanted to write it down.

first of all I have to agree with the post above, a global object list is something that would be very useful.

also it would be nice to be able to select objects that are behind other objects, now it always selects the one at the front.

For example:
click once -> selects closest objects
click again-> selects first object behind it
click again-> etc
This is the way 3dsmax handles this.

It would also be great to be able to change the navigation keys in the editor,so that one can
customize to what one uses in the 3d modeling package.
(hard to remember all keys between all the applications).

Animating objects from inside maratis would also be a great feature.
(object transform, rotation, scale).

When one does click the scene script from the maratis UI it opens a new instance of scintilla each time, would be nice if it just brought the current open window to the front instead.

Changing the UI color scheme is another feature that would be nice.
But I do also love the current blue UI.. smile