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Thanks heartseed smile

The more important things that i miss right now is more shaders, like glass shader, water shader, a texture animation shader (i know about the blender workaround but is too much work for something that should be so simple),  a robust and easy to use particle system this is one of the things that i really miss, shadows from all lights would also be good, but i can live without it,  one also thing i missed when editing this engine was the ability to change textures/materials/sounds on the editor or by LUA coding.

About plugins i don't know anything about C++ to make plugins, is hard enough for me to try learning LUA, ;D .


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A update on what i was able to do with this engine, smile , unfortunately  i will need to wait for the engine to mature further to be able to implement some other stuff i have in mind, so updates will not be so regular for now on. sad


Hope you guys like it.


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I hope you don't mind me asking but heartseed how old are you? I'm 33 years old.

Perhaps this will make it seem like i'm insulting you but is far from the truth, first the use of Jesus has a exclamation is a cultural thing even among Christians that i'm myself included, i even have Jesus on my name. smile
Second why would i apology for something i didn't do, i didn't hurl insults at you, i'm myself has surprised by your reactions has you must be of mine. lol big_smile
Third there's always a first for everything on this world, if someone didn't give you a "warning" on a forum before now at least you can say someone did. hehe big_smile

Need to go cheers and again i hope we stay on good grounds.


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Looks very good it could be made into a full game easily and thanks for the project. smile


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Ok i will do that from now on cheers. smile


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Jesus man now i realize why you started being so defensive on the conversation we add on the Showcasing forum, my warning (perhaps advice would be a better word? ) was a friendly warning in no way i hurled insults at you, and i say again this reply is not trying to push you or anything i'm just trying to put water on the fire, if you read carefully my reply above, you will see that i realized that you were not trying to offend me, it did looked to me like that at first and yes language barrier is a problem it was on our other conversation and it seems it was here as well. I'm not trying to make you my enemy or anything i hope this will only make us know each other a little better and things go better from now on.


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I was not trying to start a fight with you when i made that remark but only to pass a point across, so ok this conversation is over heartseed, and i ask that you please refrain yourself from continuing this discussion on this thread, you are welcome of course to critique my work if objectively of course.


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Thanks anael that will be useful when i try my read book UI system.


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Thanks anael but please don't be too expectant on this ;D , it was only a small play around on the engine i'm still way ways away of making a game with this.


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I'm yet to see this problem and i'm using google Chrome.


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Thanks Crucio777 i will try to show more stuff when i feel they are worth showing. smile

heartseed  I'm not trying to start anything if i see you or anyone else pass the line of courtesy i will end the conversation with that person right there.

Now i'm not sure if you comprehended my message, i'm not pro violence but i'm also not anti all violence that imo is a very skewed and unrealistic view of what we as humans and also part of nature are, for example you said you are a vegan, did you didn't realize that by eating plants you are being violent to that same plants? This takes us to what i also said, i said  that violence is a very relative thing what i consider violence you could not consider and vice versa, for example you not seeing the super Mario jump on turtles and other fictional characters and also the Sonic way of killing the Doctor Eggman minions has violence. wink


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First a word of warning heartseed, sarcasm online is not easily apparent at first you comment was offensive for me, then i realized you were being sarcastic be careful with that. wink

Second physics detection can be used with the rayHit() function to detect what the mouse is over with, that is how i have seen many others do on the Unity engine when using 3D menus or 2D menus based on 3D objects (and a 3D object can even be a 2D plane), afaik for now Maratis has no way to detect what the mouse is over without using the physics system.

BTW that was how i made the mouse over system on my video that you saw.


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I'm afraid in can't concur with you, violence in games is and always will be something that attracts people, i'm not saying gratuitous violence mind you like killing innocents and stuff but forms of violence like fighting imaginary monsters etc, this will never stop being fun, also people like to be afraid that is why simple games like Slender Man has so success. For example Frictional Games has become a successful game company because of their horror games, if people would all be shifting for non violent videogames (and violence is relative even Super Mario and Sonic have violence in them) i would be seeing that on the market, right now games Like Crysis 3, BF3 and other COD like games are having immense success, i'm not seeing violence be frown upon anywhere else but here, also violence is not only a easy way to attract people, violence is a tool in the game developer arsenal (pun intended ;D ) but if badly used it can arm the game more then help, violence should be used to support the game story and not as a means in it self. Btw violence is a part of life and it will always be present.

I'm sure you are talking about physical violence like killing or beating, but theres also psychological and verbal violence and the border of what is considered violence of what is not considered violence is very fussy and very dependent of the viewer point of view of his or her culture and morals.

p.s - Sorry for my grammar English is not my mother tongue


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Thanks heartseed the fog is a toggle option on the Maratis Editor for the camera, you need to tweak the fog values of course to make it look like that, yes the flashlight is just s light attached to the camera, but making it turn off and on and even look like a flashlight was not easy for me wink .

Yes adventure style games is what i like the most, but violence could be part of it i'm afraid, for example my idea was to try and make a game in the style of Amnesia the Dark Descent or even Penumbra.

And thanks for the invite for the IRC channel i will see about putting some time away for that.


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Here is a youtube video that show my slow but steady progress on learning this engine, my running around was to show the footsteps sound system and also to try to trigger the bug where footsteps sounds stop working but it didn't show up, what is good, smile i also show my work on a mouseover system and a flashlight system. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpox0qe5 … e=youtu.be


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Thanks 255 smile i will experiment with it, btw showing text is not a problem on maratis even without a 2D "engine" you just use a text object and use activate() and deactivate() to hide or show it at the location you want.


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On maratis you can make a 2D UI just like you make a 3D one, this can be used with a fixed orthographic camera that is looking to planes with textures on them simulating the background and buttons of your menu,  this has the benefit that you can use physics detection "for mouse over" and UV texture animation to animate the background, to animate the buttons you can use activate and deactivate to show or hide planes with different textures, for example to give the impression that the button color changes when you mouse over it, for texture animation theres threads on the forum explaining it.

Yes is convoluted but it works and i hope this puts you on the right path. smile


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Because you have been so helpful to me i will try to give some suggestions, you have 2 options for cut-scenes or video (not ingame) more control over what you want the player to see but looks separated from the game or ingame ala Half Life more complicated because of the player behavior being unpredictable but more immersive. About menus you also have 2 options or a 2D menu faster to load and can be made good looking, or prepare a small ingame level on the editor to serve has the menu background (ala Half Life 2) my personal favorite even tho it can make starting the game longer.

On this last one you just make UI buttons that calls "NEW GAME -> loadLevel("levelName") " and "QUIT -> quit()

I hope this is helpful.


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Thanks Tutorial Doctor i will read more about the classes then, i do know some of that terms because of my time trying to learn C# big_smile.

About getProjectedPoint(object, point) i did saw it has also getUnProjectedPoint(object, point) but there's no real tutorial on the forum (if you can call it that) that shows how to use the first, and when i used the later i just couldn't make it work well, rayhit function was what i tried next and it worked right away, has i said i'm not a real coder, for the most part i need to see already made code to be able to implement my ideas, i just lack for the time being a "coder brain" where i see my ideas on my head already "code" formated, big_smile ,  i'm more of a artist.  Even the idea that made it possible for me to make the "mouse over" code was a Anael thread showing another user how to use the rayhit funtion with screenshots.

But day after day i'm starting to "get it".

Again i will read more about the classes then, good night.


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Hello guys i was able to fake a mouse over script here, i change the cursor image by a hand image when i mouse over a object, i use the rayhit function to detect the object and i just activate or deactivate a fake cursor (a plane with a image with emission on and a follow plus lookAt behavior, that is right in front of the camera) when the ray detects the object i want the cursor changes, works fantastically.

But now i have a question, from my inexperienced point of view, every time i want to make a object "mouse over" enabled, i need to make individual functions to all new objects (with repeated code), imo if true this would be unmanageable with so many different interactive objects on a scene, (and the script would be very confusing and big), but if i add a way to Tag a object then this would not be a major problem, does it?  Because i think only one function would work for all objects with different names but tagged for example "interactive".

for example a getTag() function would be nice but has it doesn't exist, at least i don't see it anywhere, what can you guys suggest that i do? Do i really need to make a bunch of functions for every object on my level that i want interactive or there's a more easy way?


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Thanks com3D them i will have to live with that small bug until i think of some other way.


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Thanks anael that will do.

Now is it possible to tag objects ( is different from the name, objects with different names can have the same tag), if not something like getObjectTag() would be helpful.

anael i can't seam to find the local option that you talk about on the sound properties, thres only a relative option is that what you are referring to?


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For sounds something like

makeSoundGlobal() this would be used to make particular sounds able to be heard anywhere on the level, good for ambient sounds or sounds that are constantly near the player (like foot steep sounds) right now my foot steep sounds change volume and i think even pitch every time i mouse look on a FPS camera.


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Hi Tutorial Doctor yes the charRun() is being called under the onSceneUpdate() function, this is maybe a logic problem, perhaps theres a better way for making the run function, i tried a "while exp do block end" but maratis crashed (maybe it was a infinite loop).


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Guys need help on one thing i made this code for my run function it works,  but really randomly the sounds stop playing even when i have the shift key down, i need to let go of the walk key (W) and press it again for them to play, what could be making this behaviour?

here is the code

duration = {30,30,30}
walkSpeed = 4

function charMovement()

    -- Walk
    if isKeyPressed("W")  and (coll > 1) then
        addCentralForce(Player, {0, walkSpeed, 0}, "local")
    elseif isKeyPressed("S")  and (coll > 1)  then
        addCentralForce(Player, {0, -walkSpeed, 0}, "local")
    elseif isKeyPressed("A")  and (coll > 1)  then
        addCentralForce(Player, {-3, 0, 0}, "local")
    elseif isKeyPressed("D")  and (coll > 1)  then
        addCentralForce(Player, {3, 0, 0}, "local")
    else isPlaying = false end

function charRun()
    if isKeyPressed("LSHIFT") then
        duration = {25,25,25}
        walkSpeed = 8
        duration = {30,30,30}
        walkSpeed = 4