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Tutorial Doctor wrote:

I am trying to do a GUI myself now, and I am running into all sorts of snags. sad

What's going on?


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Dunno if that is what you're asking for, but i'm using this in most of my projects,

A Color list :
so i can change light or text color with : setLightColor(Light, COLOR.purple)

and a Keylist, by pure lazyness ; for example instead of writing isKeyPressed("G"), onKeyDown("G"), onKeyUp("G")
i can just write G.press, G.down, G.up


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anael wrote:

do you prefer the old UI ?

No way ! That new feel is awesome, pretty sleek design. I like it alot wink

anael wrote:

I removed the timeline on this screenshot, to replace it with a console that would come up when an error is detected.

I won't miss the old timeline personally, i always thought it was taking alot of space unnecessarily - but about that new console, is it meant to fully replace the floating console window (sooner or later) ?

Well all the genres you listed are doable, but i think it should be best to stick to closed environments because of the current limitations ;

1) Light limitations
2) Exporter limitations (can't export a scene with each individual object being exported as its own mesh)

So for RPG/Adventures games (big landscape) you will probably need to fill the scene with all kind of objects, not a great idea atm.

FPS, Third person, even platformer would work best imo, with small scale, polished environements.

for example, RE4 Prototype


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Nice smile i'm also interested , but like TD i don't have a twitter account, so for now i'm on read-only mode


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I wished everything tongue

well if you can pack this:
-sponza level
-your character (blender file not essential if you dont want to upload it)
-movement/camera scripts you already made

that will be great


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could you submit the current pack ? i have some movement/camera scripts that might help too


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stilobique wrote:

Thanks for your works ! Why not add this example on the download section ?

Thank you wink
well, most of the examples i make are quite clunky,
i think it will do more harm than good for maratis to have them exposed there tongue


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We tried our best yet you still don't get it..
I'm sorry dude but you are game over here

Topic closed


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I replaced the first example with something a bit better, very basic but well it works wink

PunBB bbcode test

Here's two example for parallax scrolling in 2d mode (ortho camera)

Two examples, one with only 1 layer cloned 5 times,
and another one with 4 layer already placed on the scene.

You can only move left/right and no physics are used

Blender files included

• Project : OrthoParallaxScrolling
• Lua script only : 1Layer
• Lua Script only : 4Layers

Graphics used from OGA :
Depth tutorial
Castle Platformer


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Pretty nice, the voice is better than expected (i tried some text 2 speech apps on my side, it was awful)


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A suggestion for scene switching :

Right now i don't see a good way to make use of scene switching or level switching as
you can't import/keep objects from the previous scene/level.

while i was searching on the subject, i found this :
DontDestroyOnLoad from unity, which is preserving the objects you want for the next scene

Something similiar would be great !


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The Pack is at 2.5GB with only sounds and fonts.

That's insane indeed ^^

imo a started pack should not be over 50mo or 100mo at the very max,
even in 50 mega you can put a lot of stuff
but for the pack i suggest to provide only what people really need to make experiments,
like a fully animated character (here i suggest making use of Clint Bellanger's platformer animations as main character, it's about perfect for that purpose smile

+ few environments (theres is alot of these on blender swap)
+ different types of controls and differents camera views

for scripts, personnaly i prefer scripts in very small, isolated examples, where you have -only- what's needed to run the example, so you don't get confused by all the other stuff around, and can easily copy/adapt it to your needs if you wish,
i think it will be chaos if you use a single project to show multiple completely different things, but that's just me

for sounds, maybe it will be best to provide like 10 sounds of each "universe" (see below)
and class them like this, or something :


example :





will be even better if they are all at the same gain and all ready for 3D use so
people won't have to struggle with the settings


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Hello, no it's not, it's because you are using the same variable for all sounds imo,
i've been struggling trying to make a simple OO way to play the sounds but unsucessful right now,
so i just made 3 variables (ugly but it works) : SponzaMouse

Hello, I believe it's totally possible yes, this post might answer you better :


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I started a thread called "Code Snippets" I wonder if I should put my snippets on the wiki

Sure, the snippet section on the wiki is quite empty, plus your formatting perfectly matches the wiki style wink

I just tried out the text input script. THANK YOU SO MUCH! These scripts will come in so handy. I might be able to find a way to make the text delete when you press a key (put them into an array?)

np smile

Edit : I've done the backspace, updated the post


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oops i made a mistake, you don't need getObject nor getName to deactivate the clones in cloneList,
deactivate(cloneList[number]) is enough,

getName is to use with SetBehaviorVariable
example, setBehaviorVariable(Camera, 0, "target", "cloneList[number]") : won't work, it's here
you have to getObject/getName


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Basically the first example works as follow :
PunBB bbcode test
The red rectangle represent what will be displayed on screen

here's for stringsub info : http://www.gammon.com.au/scripts/doc.php?lua=string.sub

By the way i updated the post, added another level in the example


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Crazy timing big_smile


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I uploaded a copy on my dropbox if you still need : Maratis 3.21 beta


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Hi, i went the safe way and directly used both techniques wink


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Welcome Dahnielson !
Awesome work you did on the wiki, it looks much better now, thank you wink


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sunnystormy wrote:

Good luck with your game, Vegas! smile

hehe thanks wink

I had some trouble setting-up everything but now it's all good, i can spawn projectiles
just like in the gameplay video on the first post without any frame drop cool

Also, anael i'm gonna add your explanations about clones on the wiki if you don't mind,
that's some important infos imo

Cheers !


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Yep that's it, well taking the example from the wiki,  the very basic usage is :

object = getObject("object")
cloneList = {}

function onSceneUpdate()
    if onKeyDown("1") then
        table.insert(cloneList, #cloneList + 1, getClone(object)) -- create a clone

    if onKeyDown("2") then
        toDelete = getObject(getName(cloneList[3])) -- 3 is just for example

Hope it helps