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I'm doing this in my 2d games projects, it's amazing because you have total control of every single frames with no need to re-export from blender everytime. and it seems very reliable. But yes you need alot more scripts than if you were just exporting animations.

Note i'm doing this because i'm animating spritesheets so i can't use the blender NLA editor for this.
but for 3d skeletal animations you can use it so i'm not sure it's a good idea to go without animations. but i dont know. honestly i never tried to go single animation with 3D stuff. I can just say it is working great for animating UVoffsets.

By the way setting-up animations is tedious indeed, eventually you can use this script to semi-automate the process. Edit it, set your frames then simply run it from blender. Hope it helps


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Hell already. still alot of things i didn't figured out. bha i just registered anyway, let's see what happen wink
what about you Anael ? are you planning to participate too ?

Hey Sponk, that particle system looks amazing, but when i'm trying to
add one, there's a little problem (i'm on win XP 32bits) :

PunBB bbcode test

After this i'm unable to click anywhere, the editor just crash.


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Hello, you can see the differences here : http://wiki.maratis3d.org/index.php?tit … om_Blender (under Materials title)

Additional infos :

anael wrote:

The fixed pipeline only uses vertex lightning and multitexturing (old fashion 3d card) as opposed to the standard renderer using pixel lightning.


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So far, everything seems fine with the r234 win32 version i uploaded
(tested briefly most of my projects with it, no problems)

But still cannot open Akira_san version (thanks for the compiling tutorial by the way!)

I see there are some changes on the SVN, I don't know if i'm supposed to compile again ?
In case yes, here it is (win32 version) : Maratis r240


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Ok, so the method i was using was completely different from anael tutorial, no wonder that didn't worked.
Following his tutorial, it worked on the first try wink

Here's the win32 version : Maratis r234

By the way, i was planning to move to another OS, but i still haven't decided if i go with Win7 or Linux so,  i can't guarantee for how long and for which platform, that's why i can't propose myself as "official" maintainer (at least for now)

@Arclord, Great wink

activate/deactivate = Turn the object visibility and physics detection on/off
IsVisible = if the object is within the active camera view
IsActive = if the object is active on the scene (so, not deactivated)

Hope it helps


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Akira_san wrote:

It runs here. I made a video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DEFJpQ … e=youtu.be
I have intel pc, maybe its not compatible? The step by step, how to build Maratis is very easy, maybe you could try it?

I don't think it is related to the type of PC, but i'm still on XP here, it might be that ?
As for compiling yes, i tried multiple times already but for some reason i always had an error in the end.

I'm gonna try again, could be nice if i can provide an additional win32 "mirror", just in case


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The Windows 32bit version is not working for me unfortunately sad
MaratisEditor.exe and MaratisPlayer.exe both gives me : error Not a valid win32 application

Wow. material editor, color picker, tweaking values with mouse. etc. Awesome work !
I'm gonna start reporting some bugs soon, first i need to experiment more with it - Great stuff anyway wink


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I have made some very basic examples here but i doubt it is what you're looking for,
if you need something specific i can try to make it, but just keep in mind that for now, there is no global lighting


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Welcome smile Those are awesome models, thanks for posting!
For assets as Sponk said, we have no library except the wiki


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@ant0n, Thanks for posting ! the more methods we have, the better smile

@TD, Yeah it's a good one, what i really like with that app is you can feed it directly with png files, i had some nice results out of it, however tweaking the effet was kinda troublesome, i should try again

About the animated texture tutorial, there's a lot of info you don't even need in it, i'm gonna remake it right now
keep you in touch

Edit : Early rewrite of the tut :


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Nice wink

And about the Ludum Dare event, that can be a fun experience yes wink
but be totally stuck with lack of ressources/script knowledge (not even talking about programming)
is what scares me the most


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There it is, Lord TD big_smile

This particular explosion comes from a application called Particle Illusion
but basically my method is :

1) use a Imagemagick script to pack individual frames in a spritesheet
2) loading the texture into blender (i have a template for animating textures)
3) export. thats it

I have now a pretty decent collection of animated textures, with some found
on OGA, Deviant Art, and some others made with generators,I was planning to make a pack
of these but i could never decide if i put :

1) Multiple animations on a single texture
= Easier to manage, less easier to use, not really tweakable afterward (or painfully)


2) One texture per animations (so 1 different mesh for each anims)
= Easier to use, less easier to manage, easily tweakable

+ with maratis MGUI that will use FreeImage library, maybe i can use better resolution, easier workflow, i dont know, maybe it's better to wait a bit


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Speedevelopping ? Nice idea ! big_smile
I might give a shot later on, but are premade assets and script snippets count as cheat ?
useless but cool idea : record your desktop while working then upload it at 10x play speed wink


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@TD, Yep, something like this (but take care it can be troublesome
to use on characters because it will then face the ground tongue)

@Anael, Outstanding ! Thank you wink


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Glad it helped wink

guide an object along a path

oh you need almost nothing to do this, from an empty project :

add 3 cubes, spread them, and name them :


then put a LookAt behavior on the Player, with TargetA as target

and in script you could do

translate(Player, {0, 0, -1}, "local")

(negative value on Z axis on a object who got LookAt on it, will always move toward his target)

And when it reaches TargetA and collide with physics, distance or whatever, change behavior to
setBehaviorVariable(Player, 0, "target", "TargetB")

I will update the 2nd and 3nd examples this evening, while i was fighting with my projects i got some ideas smile


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Ooops thanks for the feedback, i fixed that smile
for the third example i forgot to put instructions on screen, you needed to press "1" to spawn the clones

Im gonna add one or two more levels to this project later on,
a LookAt alternative like you suggested me a while back (with getLength3d(vec), normalize3d(vec) stuff)
and a mix-up of the 3 first examples

Oh and while i'm at it, for the first example, do you know if that's possible to
convert back the % value to position ?

I wanted to spawn clones between point A & B at a given % when launching the game,
(lets say 1 clones every 10%) but didn't succeed


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here's 1 project with 3 levels about distance, pretty bad explained (or not at all) i'm afraid !
but if it can give you some ideas it's all good


1) Calculate distance between meshes in percent
PunBB bbcode test

2) Radius collision detection, based on anael's method over here : http://forum.maratis3d.com/viewtopic.php?pid=6296#p6296
PunBB bbcode test

3) Spawn multiple clones in a given object perimeter
PunBB bbcode test

4) Spawn in Radius v2, will spawn animated texture at random positions on a controllable radius
PunBB bbcode test

Notes : I removed the object parenting in example 2, and use follow behavior instead


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A great classic !

you will get that dll for sure if you install VS2010 (don't know about the others VS)
or maybe this will work : http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download … px?id=5555


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Here's a project and it's dll, a blender file and a gimp file. containing all you need for an 1024x768 interface (but nothing else than THIS resolution) 

The pane on the GUIScene will totally fit what the camera sees but.. dont go full screen nor increase window size >.<

If you want to make your own interface with anael's method,

Let's say this is your interface (grey area for the UI, transparent area for the game) :

PunBB bbcode test

First move your cursor at the extreme left and top of the transparent area (the red pixel)
these are X and Y position of your game window

PunBB bbcode test

Then select the whole transparent area and take note of the width/height

PunBB bbcode test

put all the values in the code ;

    int X = 10; // pos x
    int Y = 10; // pos y
    int W = 500; // width
    int H = 300; // height


compile, run game ; it's gg.

Hope it helps


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I want to make it easily editable for beginning Maratis users (no complicated setup).

For a HUD with no interactions,
if you want to display some informations like in FPS games, using camera layering is enough,
if you want a full interface, go with Anael's method, even if you need VS, you can easily set up the window exactly where you want to

But for a clickable interface, when we will be able to use physic detection from one scene to another,
it will be very easy but for now it will be quite bulky (could work with a set up like in my first post figure 3)

The main issue is positioning things over the camera at a precise point.

I have a blender file that may help you - i hope i didn't deleted/modified it - keep you in touch

for the WindowScale unfortunately i never made tests with that stuff


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I prefer the add light/camera/text in a subemenu yes, for the floating bar, both are fine to me,
i tend to prefer horizontal menu when there's alot of options, but for less than 20 items, vertical is good too

oh and i didnt know there wasn't a console window on other OS, that's good, to me the console always gets in the way, would be nicer if it was integrated somehow


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Looks amazing, however i was unable to use it - i followed the instructions you gave, but i must do something wrong.
I will try again and describe the steps one by one if i don't succeed again