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Can you separate the archive in 1gb of files, that would be helpful.


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Cool game!


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Hi, can i make a suggestion. You could try this version of Maratis and after that, try the modified version of Maratis - NeoEditor, reason its more active in development as in the features, look here - http://www.neo-engine.de/news/


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Jillinger3dee, try this version and see if its gonna run? link ->   http://neo-engine.de/
Its a modified version of Maratis.


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You could even try the modified version of Maratis.


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You could also try the NeoEditor. Link here, if you dont know about it -> http://neo-engine.de/


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Sounds interesting, thx for the info.


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I see, so all that in python lang?


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im using NeoEditor now and have a wip project. So tell me, whats in the classes


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You have to follow the exporter doc.


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did you follow the doc about the exporter or that is a normals problem?

Thank you, zester. Thats very nice!


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Hmm, care to share the file to try and see how its going to behave with ati video? Also you could try to ask for help on the blenderartists forum.

Sounds like a cool new features, testing time! How about dragndrop of project files too?

Noticed something, you cant duplicate a group.


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Very nice links, i see that AMD got some stuff, have to check it out, thx.


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Share some links about how to learn GLSL for Maratis custom shaders?

Ive noticed, that save as level dont add the extension .level after saving.

Edit: The water demo crashes on loading it. The light flash dont crash here. OS Win732b gfx ati R7 200 series, just notices that my videocard only supports OpenGL 4.3! I guess i need to update my drv.

I agree about the documentation.

I see, thats really great to know! You should make some article about it.

Cool, thx. smile
You can now write plugins just with lua no c++?

I like using the blender3d controls, they are similar to the Maratis editor.
Middle mouse button = rotate the view
Shift + Middle mouse button = pan the view
Mouse wheel = zoom

Tested it. Needs a restore to default theme if you do a mess. How about editor font size? If your vision is not so good.

New bug: loading a single image in the camera skybox textures and deleting the camera-> "dell key" will crash the editor also the path is added with C:/ level.level->"skyboxTextures="C:/Users/Plamen/Desktop/MyGame/""
Using an atlas instead of single images will lower the draw calls, what do you think?

I managed to crash the particles, after creating a new scene and going back and forward between the scenes and changing some values. But cant reproduce it now. After going to the new created scene you still see the objects from the first scene.